More Of Greta Berlin’s Antisemitism Comes To Light


You may recall antisemite and Free Gaza co-founder Greta Berlin getting caught being antisemitic and then offering some contradictory excuses that even Ali Abumination had a hard time swallowing.

It has now come to my attention that this was not the only antisemitic Facebook post of hers. The following was posted to one of the private Facebook groups to which she belonged (hat tip: JPF):

greta berlin post

Child, no. Antisemite, yes.

While there is no link to the post, the person who brought it to my attention thinks it is almost certainly genuine. And I would agree with this assessment.

The Joachim mentioned here is Joachim Martillo, a vehement antisemite who we already know posted to the secret Facebook group of which Berlin was an administrator. At the time my contact posted this on his Facebook group, prompting Martillo to demand he take it down since it was “out of context.”

So Berlin can protest being labeled an antisemite, but if the shirt fits…

greta berlin

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