More Of Greta Berlin’s Antisemitism Comes To Light

You may recall antisemite and Free Gaza co-founder Greta Berlin getting caught being antisemitic and then offering some contradictory excuses that even Ali Abumination had a hard time swallowing.

It has now come to my attention that this was not the only antisemitic Facebook post of hers. The following was posted to one of the private Facebook groups to which she belonged (hat tip: JPF):

greta berlin post

Child, no. Antisemite, yes.

While there is no link to the post, the person who brought it to my attention thinks it is almost certainly genuine. And I would agree with this assessment.

The Joachim mentioned here is Joachim Martillo, a vehement antisemite who we already know posted to the secret Facebook group of which Berlin was an administrator. At the time my contact posted this on his Facebook group, prompting Martillo to demand he take it down since it was “out of context.”

So Berlin can protest being labeled an antisemite, but if the shirt fits…

greta berlin

42 thoughts on “More Of Greta Berlin’s Antisemitism Comes To Light”

  1. Greater Berlin is NOT anti-semitic. She has a Zionist poster on her wall, originally designed by Franz Kraus in 1936 and published by the Tourist Association of Palestine, a Zionist development agency.

      1. NotanISMIdiot

        Her stepdaughter wrote of how Greta regularly complained about “the goddamned Jews” at the dinner table in front of her father. ONly good thing Greta ever did was tell everyone how Ken O’Keefe flashed her in an argument over flotilla fund embezzlement.

  2. Wow, Jennifer! Different strokes for different folks??? Since when is YOUR entire family is in Israel? Since when is a woman Jewish while she is born to a German mother? When did you decide that Greta Berlin, Roger Salisbury, Robby Martin and the entire Greta’s entourage are NOT Anti-Semitic??? At the time you have embarked on your “crusade” to expose all of them as highly Anti-Semitic and Holocaust Deniers? How often do you change your skin, CHAMELEON???

    1. There is a person by that nameof
      Jennifer Frances Atchisonif you look up posts on Ynet and Ha’Aretz but i think she’s just using the name.As the real person by that name isn’t anti Israel.

      1. You are so right Steven! Jenny A is a known anti semite and her father was thrown out of Israel in the 1970’s…she is nothing but another sneaky rabid hater of Israel and all she cares about is the destruction of the Jewish state.

    2. Jennifer Frances Atchison

      Simone: Do not dare speak for me or put words in my mouth with regards of who
      are my friends, my political position nor a word about my mother. As my mother (in my home) and Aunt (in Kiryat
      Motzkin) slowly died, your advice to THIS so-called friend proved your
      obsession with facebook, gossip and shit-stirring. Your rant above shows
      you know nothing about me and attempt to plant seeds with YOUR words of
      assumption which define your cold persona’s. I love Israel, Israeli’s and
      yes, my entire Israeli family given 3 of us in the USA. You may poke fun
      at me being a half breed, but it does not exclude my right to disagree
      with Israeli political suicide in a world now akin to mistreatment of
      Palestinians. Empires rise and fall. If Israel does not make serious
      changes quickly, the only commonality you and share love for; Israel,
      may cease to exist under Zionism. You would be well advised to be
      proactive in reality rather than a gossip monger living through virtual reality.

      1. Jennifer Frances Atchison

        PS. I have no love of settlers in the occupied West Bank. I particularly detest the migrants from Canada, S. Africa and USA. They should uproot and move immediately to Israel proper. Right winged fanatics on all sides over the sake of their God’s need to evolve out of religion. The major cause of bloodshed and hindrance to a peaceful solution.

        1. But you dearly love Hamas, as it turns out…. since Greta LOVES Hamas! So, don’t you dare speak about loving Israel!

          1. Jennifer Frances Atchison

            Whats wrong with you???? “”””But you dearly love Hamas, as it turns out….””” Who the F*** are you to tell me who my friends are or that I love Hamas. You are sick. I just had to block you on Linked In as it shows you are now stalking me. Your kind do Israel and Israeli’s more damage than good Ilana/Simone. – Touche’

            1. I am not Toots, Jennifer and I won’t wash your dirty laundry in public… What LinkedIn did you dream up? I don’t do LinkedIn… Never did! As to “stalking”, YOU chose to make a comment HERE and I chose to respond… MY right! Capiche? Now, crawl back to Greta and Mary and Yani… I don’t want to ever see your name again ๐Ÿ™

              1. Jennifer Frances Atchison

                No worries darling. Your account was reported to LinkedIn. You really have zero conscience with your pathological lying problems…. You of all people should know better than to stalk someone given you are a professional secretary for an attorney. It’s traceable. You are one sick puppy.
                I also take note that the two Simone”s posting here have an obsession with washing others laundry. Major major issues Simone. Facecrack addiction, lying and laundry anxiety. LOL

              2. You are what is wrong with Israel and what will destroy your alleged peaceful state.
                You are scared of greta because we all know ordinary people are a bigger threat to Israeli fascism than politicians.

        2. Correction….there is no “occupied west bank” the land is called Judea/Samaria and those “settlers” are Israelis….you need to wake up and start helping the 6.2 million Palestinians suffering in Jordan.

      2. You have showed your love for Israel, all right, Jennifer ๐Ÿ™ By going to bed with Greta, Yani, Mary, Roger and the rest of the anti-Semites and Holocaust Deniers… YES, the ones you so passionately hated once… OR so you claimed to hate! Don’t lecture ME! I know WHO my friends are! DO YOU????

      3. ‘the only commonality you and share love for; Israel,
        may cease to exist under Zionism’ So admittedly you’re anti Zionist,and calling you anti Zionist is being kind.Israel exists because of Zionism

      4. Jennifer Frances Atchison: “Simone: Do not dare speak for me or put words in my mouth with regards of who

        are my friends, my political position nor a word about my mother….etc”.

        I haven’t the faintest idea what you are talking about!

        What rant?
        You must have me confused with someone else.

        1. Ohh nooo we do not confuse sneaks like you that lie in the face of Jews and then plot against Israel behind their backs.

      5. Preach Simone!! Thank God someone is brave like you to expose this Israel hating woman Jenny A…she joins every hate Israel group and silently admins many of them. Her goal is the destruction
        of the Jewish state. Let’s make sure she never gets back into Israel..or any of her Jew hating cronies for that matter!

  3. The words JEW and JEWISH send her into a spin. She also blocks almost every JEW on Facebook. Antisemite? YES, without doubt..

  4. Hard Little Machine

    Of course she’s a Jew hater. You’re merely arguing over whether she’s publicly proud of the fact you know that.

  5. Look how that scrunt Greta Berlin (what a fitting last name!) calls out the S.S. to come to her defense. Die bitch die!!

  6. Either way you look at it- when Greta says she hates Zionists we now have proof she means she hates Jews, as her ex daughter in law can attest to

  7. Phew! Hard to work out why someone who is apparently “irrelevant” has generated so much recycling.
    Yatter yatter “that video” yatter yatter “the daughter-in-law” yatter yatter “supporting fake people” and a little soupรงon of “die bitch die” thrown in for good measure. How civil.

    1. Norman_In_New_York

      While I normally post very little on threads of this nature, this one flushed a nest of antisemitic cockroaches out of the woodwork. As a result, this is a big deal.

  8. Rachamim Dwek

    Jennifer Atchinson: Who are YOU to label anyone a “Settler”? I could not care less what your ethnicity, religion or country of residence is. Your daddy could be Chief Rabbi of my Left Wrist but that does not give you the right to consign the Jewish Homeland to anybody or anyone. As for your claims about being part Israeli, you must have never stepped foot in Israel, or if you did, never stepped foot over the Greenline. Of the 380,000 Israeli Jews living in Area C and Sector H2, less than 90,000 are religious at all. 50,000 of THEM are Anti Zionist Charedim so all your weird stereotyping about “religious fanatics” is borderline ridiculous.

    Some, such as myself are Jews who have lived on the land since the Biblical Era, until Ethnically Cleansed by bigoted Arabs between 1920 and 1948. Able to return once our homes were liberated in 1967 we face foreign ignoramuses who label us “Settlers” because of a 19 year Jordanian Occupation.

  9. The problem with hate is that it has become a hobby to those who have nothing better to do with their lives Greta is a hater and she calls for more violence she lives not in the area yet she provokes and incites foreigners and locals to fight and die anything to make Israel look bad anything to fill up her time which is filled by hate and trying to make others like her I am John Dabis and I live in the west bank town of Ramallah and would love nothing more than peace and prosperity for both countries what ever may be the name or what ever may be the way it is conducted politically

  10. please do not put a picture of Greta Berlin anymore unless it is “its” corpse, what a horrible “thing” to look at

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