Mural, Mural On The Wall (Updated)


A Cleveland gas station has attracted media attention – and the ire of all decent people – for its virulently antisemitic murals.

I’ll allow the following images to tell the story, but be warned. The images are sickening.

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The person behind the murals is the Biggie convenience store owner. And he’s not a White Supremacist.

The owner of Biggie’s, Brahim “Abe” Ayad, a forty-something Palestinian Muslim who lives in North Olmsted, once explained to Douglas Guth of the Cleveland Jewish News that the murals represent his “protest against ‘evil-doing Zionists’ who, among other offenses, he claims, took away his Palestinian father’s land to make way for the state of Israel.”

Ayad further explained that “[t]he shocking imagery on his walls are his way ‘of fighting fire with fire,’ and that ‘[i]f they want to insult me, they should know how it feels to be insulted.’”

“I have a problem with the editing, so any interview I give, I will give live,” adds Ayad. Ayad says he, himself is disturbed by the image, ” Yes, I am – actually, I am very – but that is all I have to say.”

Nope, clearly just “anti-Zionist.”

But I’d fathom to say, “the editing” is the least of his problems.

This news report mentions another disturbing aspect of the story –

.. the gas station sits right across the street from the George Washington Carver School for grades K-8 and their playground.  The image is on the side that is in plain sight of students.

But what is also disturbing to me is the fact this news report hones in almost exclusively on the circumcision mural, as if the other, detestable antisemitic images are “no biggie.”

Update: Ayad should only wish he was misquoted. Because his actual statements are really messed up.

When reached by telephone at Biggie’s June 3, Ayad at first said he had no comment about the murals, expressing concern that he may be misquoted. But then he said, “I’m more Jewish than all of these people calling me an anti-Semite put together. That’s my bloodline.”

Asked what his nationality is, Ayad said he’s “international.”

“It’s my right (to put up the images), as my father paid his dues in blood in World War II for you guys,” he said. “Get off my back.”

UpdateAyad’s Facebook page reveals much of the same vile antisemitism.

Israel Muse has uploaded the following videos taken from the page, in case he blocks us from viewing them.

Here he is showing off his antisemitic artwork.

Here he is ranting about the Jews controlling everything.

And here he is being questioned by police.

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