Tale Of Two Reactions #ThreeShalits And #BringBackOurBoys

We have already written that the overwhelming reaction to the kidnap of three kids by Palestinian terrorists from the Israeli side has been an outpouring of hope that we find them and get them back. #BringBackOurBoys is the sentiment. I’ll spell it out, it’s not #SmashTheTerroists or something else like that. For sure those reactions exist but they’re secondary to getting back our loved ones.

Dave is carefully documenting the joyous celebrations on the other side. It’s the usual story of handing out sweets and rejoicing.

Where we have #BringBackOurBoys, however, they have a three fingered salute. It’s a variant on the R4BIA symbol that we’ve covered here at Israellycool.

The three fingers represent the three boys they’ve captured and they’re evoking the memory of Gilad Shalit who was held for so long then successfully bargained for thousands of terrorists. Of course I must point out that Gilad Shalit was a serving soldier when he was captured, this time they bravely “captured” three, unarmed children.

This is the hashtag: #????_??????

And it means “Three Shalits”.


Brian of London

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