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yahoo report misleading - tel aviv terror attack

AFP’s Report On Tel Aviv Terror Attack Might Just Be The Most Biased And...

AFP's is perhaps the worse, and Sheri explains why

Deceptive Israeli Media Driving Diaspora Jews And Israelis Apart

The #RelentlessJihad continues and The Times of Israel is trying to downplay it.

Kay Wilson’s Amazing Story Featured In Daily Mail (UPDATED)

The goal really is to provided the conditions where Palestinian society is FORCED to change direction.

WATCH: Kay Wilson Talks To Dennis Prager

An amazing, uplifting and at times, horrific, chat.

WATCH: Swedish Far Right? So Far, Right (Updated)

Does Kent Ekeroth represent a “far right” party or is he just so far, right #SoFarRight

The Rage Less Travelled

Alternative routes are paved with thousands of beheaded torsos of Eastern Christians, corpses of Boko Haram and mutilated Yezidi children.

It’s A Wedding And You’re Invited

Who is like your nation Israel? This wedding is ON.

Guest Post (Kay Wilson): What Is It Like To Be Stabbed 13 Times?

“on the bright side, at least it wasn’t 14 times”

Hey BBC, Even Al Jazeera Knows When They’re Wrong

When the BBC can’t bring itself to apologize for the same mistake Al Jazeera just said sorry for.

Checkpoints Save Lives

Checkpoints stop Jews getting killed. Removing checkpoints gets Jews killed.

Tweeting Truth to Jodi Rudoren’s Usefully Idiotic Power

The short-form journalistic de-pantsing of “the worst major-outlet reporter covering the Arab-Israeli conflict”

It’s Unimaginable What The Parents Are Going Through

Naftali’s mother speaks and Netanyahu makes a statement about the missing boys

Tale Of Two Reactions #ThreeShalits And #BringBackOurBoys

Our old friend, the R4BIA symbol is getting a makeover

Mohammad Zoabi’s Strong Message About The Kidnappings

It's easy for me to say his words publicly...it takes guts for an Arab to say the same.
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