Batsh*t Crazy Conspiracy Theory Of The Day

Meet Ahmed Shaheen, the Nostradumbass of the Arabs.

An Egyptian NASA scientist has not only dismissed but also ridiculed claims by an astronomer nicknamed the “Nostradamus of the Arabs” that Judgment Day has occurred on planet Mars, and Earth is next.

“From where did he bring his nonsense?” the Egyptian-American scientist Farouq al-Baz, who worked with NASA to assist in the planning of scientific exploration of the moon, told the Cairo-based CBC Extra channel on Thursday.

“What has been said is not logical, and has nothing to do with science. Scientists do not delve in what is considered be occult,” Baz told the entertainment channel.

“Nostradamus of the Arabs” Ahmed Shaheen, who is reportedly a member of the American Union for Astronomers, told Emirati news website 24 that “since six years NASA has recorded the sunrise of the sun from the west, making it a judgment day.”

Some Muslims believe that one of the major signs of Judgment Day is that the sunrise will not come from the east but from the west.

Shaheen said “creatures on Mars knew about this, and they fled to other planets such as earth in the form of the white race in the Scandinavian countries.”

Al-Baz meanwhile urged Shaheen to travel to Mars to see for himself if Judgment Day had happened.

Shaheen, who describes himself as a legal researcher and member of the international organization Amnesty International, wrote that there will be an “upcoming surprise that NASA wouldn’t be able to explain or dismiss” on his official Twitter account.

He said the “surprise is a discussion with one of the real space aliens.” The astronomer also accused Baz of having similar agendas as NASA, whom he vowed to unveil.

Aliens fleeing another planet and ending up in Scandinavia? Someone’s been reading too many Marvel comics.


The only thing about this story which makes sense is that he would be a member of Amnesty International.

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