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Amnesty International Gets Ripped For “Toxic” Working Environment

As Amnesty International obsessively targets Israel, it turns out that they should be paying more attention to what is going on way closer to home.

About That Creepy Amnesty International Anti-Israel Video

Last week, I posted about Amnesty International's creepy antisemitic obsession with Israel, as manifest by their latest campaign, which included a video. The video contains some real doozies!

TripAdvisor Tells Amnesty International Where To Go

TripAdvisor has responded to the recent Amnesty International campaign asking them, Booking.com and Expedia to stop offering holidays in what they call "illegal Israeli settlements."

Amnesty International’s Creepy, Antisemitic Obsession With Israel

Amnesty International launched a campaign yesterday, which encourages travel websites to boycott Israel, while denying the historical Jewish connection to the land of Israel.

Amnesty, Which Of The Tamimis Do You See As Most “Bravely” Standing Against Israel?

"Human rights" organization Amnesty International is urging Israel to free Ahed Tamimi, while praising the family for bravely "standing against the Israeli occupation"

Amnesty International Employs Journo Who Disavowed Her Report Of Hamas Firing Rockets From Hospital

Amnesty International again shows what they are about

Reader Post: Amnesty International Stands Up for Jew-Stabbers

In the end, Amnesty wants people to remember this simple adage: Jew-stabbers' lives matter

Amnesty International: Shirley Biased Against Israel

Double standards + Shirley Temper

Amnesty: When Criticizing Hamas Means Criticizing Israel

Amnesty's report on Hamas's extrajudicial killings in the streets of Gaza extends "understanding" to terrorists

Batsh*t Crazy Conspiracy Theory Of The Day

Meet Ahmed Shaheen, the Nostradumbass of the Arabs


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