Another Rocket Attack Video


Code Red iPhone alerts 28 June 2014Yesterday afternoon, before settling down with my kids to watch the World Cup, I posted the latest high precision IDF strike against two self confessed terrorists. An innocent bystander walking a few meters behind the car that was targeted, is completely unaffected.

After I posted that video, during the football match, my iPhone made its alert noise and told me the south of Israel was yet again under rocket fire (see the image from the app screen).

This time one of the rockets hit a factory. Fortunately all four workers who were in the factory managed to escape with two suffering from light burns. Here is the video.

Just for side by side, here again is the CCTV camera footage from Gaza of the IDF deliberately eliminating two known terrorists who it now seems were affiliated with the most vile Jihadis currently raping, pillaging and murdering their way to the top in Iraq.

I think there’s a bit of a difference.

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