People Get What Hamas Is Doing


A piece on the satirical Onion website caught my eye.

Here’s why it is important.

This is satire. Which is why it’s amazing. When writing satire, if you have to explain the premise of the joke, your satire will fail. You have to satirise something so obvious that everyone reading knows it.

Think Life of Brian: the Romans built great stuff, everyone knows that. So you do the “what have the Romans ever done for us” bit.

This Onion piece is based on this accepted fact: Hamas uses it’s civilians as human shields and wants them to die. That MUST be commonly accepted for this satire to work.

Hamas and it’s supporters in the wider “pro Palestinian” movement ARE losing this propaganda battle. (As are, of course, the poor Palestinian cannon fodder being offered up by their securely bunkered leaders.)

Palestinians Starting To Have Mixed Feelings About Being Used As Human Shields

BEIT LAHIA, GAZA STRIP—Saying they’ve begun to reevaluate their stance as the latest outbreak of Israeli-Palestinian violence has escalated, hundreds of residents of the Gaza Strip told reporters Friday they are starting to have mixed feelings about Hamas using them and their loved ones as human shields. “At this point, I have to say I’m pretty much on the fence about having militants strategically store their missile batteries in and around my home, which Israel will almost certainly want to bomb,” said Azzam al-Salhi, explaining that, while he’s always understood Hamas’ reliance on guerilla tactics to perpetuate the decades-long fight against Israel, he has recently soured on the idea of going to bed every night facing the real prospect of being incinerated by an Israeli airstrike intended for a Hamas arms cache.

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