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WATCH: Volunteer Fighfighter: “I Truly Felt Love With Israel”

US firefighter Ben Arnold shares his experience as a volunteer firefighter in Israel during Operation Protective Edge in 2014

Guest Post (Mahdi Satre): A Little Bit About Hamas

Proud Zionist Israeli-Arab Mahdi Satre has a message for Hamas

Israeli Crowdfunding Effort For Wounded Soldier Raises over 1 Million Shekels In One Day

A wounded hero can now go home thanks to an overwhelmingly successful Israeli crowdfunding campaign!

Another Journalist Confirms: Hamas Used Civilians As Human Shields

Polish reporter Wojciech Cegielski has now come forward with yet one more tale of Hamas intentionally causing civilian casualties

WATCH: Richard Kemp Speaking Truth To The Terrorist Tools At The UNHRC

“This council has become a tool of Hamas’s murderous strategy"

Australian Major-General (Ret.) Jim Molan Lauds Israel’s Conduct During Operation Protective Edge

Israel "exceeded dramatically" the international standard of observance of the laws of armed conflict

WATCH: Trailer Forthcoming Explosive “War Crimes In Gaza” Documentary

Pierre Rehov has been working on an explosive deconstruction of the media’s coverage of last summer’s Gaza operation. Here’s the trailer.

Amnesty: When Criticizing Hamas Means Criticizing Israel

Amnesty's report on Hamas's extrajudicial killings in the streets of Gaza extends "understanding" to terrorists

Fake Gazan Civilian Watch: Izzat Really A Journalist?

When an Islamic Jihad cameraman shoots, he’s not using a camera.

And The Red Alert App Goes Wild!

Running for cover again in the south.
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