Meanwhile In Other News Not Related To Israel

Less careful militaries around the world are doing things like:

(Reuters) – The Pakistani military said its jets killed 35 suspected militants on Wednesday as part of an anti-Taliban offensive hours after U.S. drones attacked another area nearby and killed up to 20 people.

On Wednesday, Pakistani jets killed 35 suspected militants in the Shawal valley, a remote militant stronghold on the Pakistani side of the border opposite Afghanistan’s Paktika, Pakistani military officials said.

The New York Times correspondent, Anne Barnard, was not on the ground to photograph the dead and injured.

MQ-1_Predator_P1230014Elsewhere (same report, wouldn’t want to bother opening a different web page, it’s all (mostly) irrelevant right?):


Hours earlier, U.S. drone aircraft attacked militants in Datta Khel, a town in North Waziristan region near the border. Resident Malik Wakil Khan, said 18 bodies had been recovered from the rubble of a compound.

Pakistani security officials gave tolls of from 15 to 20 killed.

Pakistani military officials said there was no connection between their air strikes in the Shawal Valley and the U.S. attack in North Waziristan.

Pakistan publicly condemns the U.S. drones strikes saying they often kill civilians and are a violation of sovereignty. But some officials, including a former president, have said the military has secretly approved them in the past.

Ian Lee of CNN did not rush to the scene to tweet pictures.

Though in a somewhat surprising move, the Pakistan military did give some warning to half a million civilians to get out of the way:

More than half a million civilians were ordered to leave their homes before ground operations started. Residents say most militants left too.

Some of the militants are believed to have gone to ground in Pakistan’s cities, while others have apparently fanned out into remote mountains and forests in areas such as the Shawal Valley.

And with thanks to these tireless, unknown, Reuters reporters who will not be in line for Pulitzers for any of this reporting because, it would seem, unless you can connect Jews to the action, it’s not really fit to spread more widely.

(Additional reporting by Haji Mujtaba in Bannu, Javed Hussain in Parichinar and Saud Mehsud in Dera Ismail Khan; Writing by Syed Raza Hassan and Katharine Houreld; Editing by Robert Birsel)

I’m pretty certain Israel is being more careful in trying to avoid killing civilians than any other army in the world. I’m also certain Hamas is trying harder than any other terrorist foe to get civilians telegenically killed. And I’m certain, too, the worlds’ media is trying harder to bring you those pictures here than from anywhere else in the world.

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