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WATCH: Drone Footage of Yom Ha’zikaron Memorial Day Motorway Siren

I decided to take my new drone to see what it looks like when the siren sounds at 11am on Yom Ha’zikaron, Israel’s memorial day for the fallen in wars and those murdered in acts of terrorism

WATCH: Jerusalem As The Birds See It

Jerusalem from the air, at night, in the snow and in Israel.

WATCH: Tel Aviv Is Looking Good

Because sometimes you just have to post a beautiful video of beautiful people in a beautiful place. #Israel #TelAviv

BBC’s Jon Donnison Takes Time Out From Australia To Slam Israel

Jon Donnison sees damaged buildings, a fair observer would see something else all around.

Meanwhile In Other News Not Related To Israel

U.S. drone aircraft attacked militants in Datta Khel, 18 bodies had been recovered from the rubble of a compound.

Hamas’ Latest Drone Video Is Lame Agitprop Again

Hamas' propaganda crashes faster than a shot down drone.

Israel Is Going To The FIFA World Cup Finals In Brazil!

Israeli company Elbit Systems has sold some more unmanned ariel vehicles (UAVs or drones) to the Brazilian Air Force #BDSFail

Iran Caught In A Faux Drone Lie Again

Yes, Iran did just pass off the German quadrotor Micro UAV md 4-200 as their own Mahnad-41.

Media Drones On About Non-Existing Drone Downed In Iran

MSM has gone full retard, when even the Iranians say it's a hypothetical drone

Iran’s Shiny New Fake Drone

It's actually a photoshopped Japanese drone

Hamas Appoints 12-Year-Old In Charge Of Its Social Media Effort

Well, at least it seems like it

The Disproportionate Response

Israel related topic on CNN generates a disproportional number of comments.

Inside The Secret Tel Nof Airbase

Here are some photos that I took with my own camera at great personal risk. In the dead of night. While nobody was looking


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