Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day: Robert Frycz Of

A Polish man by the name of Robert Frycz today “graced” the Israellycool Facebook page, leaving an assortment of nasty comments I immediately deleted. He then took to email to continue his diatribe.

[language warning]

Robert Frycz () wrote:
I just wanted to say that you are bunch of terrorists, you are same kind of shit like ISIS, HAMAS or other animals. You (jews) are killing innocent people, using chemical weapons and cluster bombs against civilians, you put palestinans in concentration camps so you behave just like nazi germany soldiers from SS or Gestapo – the analogy is flashing in eyes!

As I said you are same kind of animals like palestinans, you are worth them and they’re worth you. The only thing is that it is you who started this whole war, you took away their land, you are occupuying their land and they’re fighting for it by using every possible method (including very primitive). You are the only one whos guilty of this hate industry aimed in israel – deal with it and leave the planet Earth, go to a fuckin moon so the peace on Earth will come.

Anyway thats not all. Your para country has been chasing nazi criminals while protected other war criminals like Salomon Morel or other same cunts like him only because he was citizen of israel. This shows ur hiporcisy.

In the end I wish you all the worest, hope u will be annihilated among with your brothers palestinans. You deserve for th worest things. Die n burn in hell


And yes, u can quote me.


Duly quoted.

Followed by this rather spicy comment:

The truth hurts your garlic ass you motherfucker!

And this:

your country protected war criminals like salomon morel, your para country behaves like nazi germany and IDF is like gestapo and ss combined! THAT’S the TRUTH – deal with it you stinky garlick eater! Fuckin jewish basterd.

I know what you are all thinking. This guy really hates garlic.

So he sounds like your garden variety antisemite. Why is Aussie Dave posting this? The same reason I always post these things. To show how hatred of Israel is often the result of real antisemitism AND to exploit our excellent Google Page Rank to shine a light on these haters.

Here is Robert Fryz’s Facebook page, which shows the logo of his business – – apparently a computer repair store in Poland.

robert fryz

You can let him know how you feel about his antisemitism here.

Also, judging by his photo here, he is this Robert Frycz.

robert_frycz_m.mackiewiczA Polish appeal court has thrown out a sentence of a man previously found guilty of insulting the Polish head of state.

Robert Frycz (right to anonymity waived by the defendant) will however have to carry out 30 hours of community service, after the court upheld a separate sentence for forging documents.

In September last year, a court in Piotrkow Trybunalski, central Poland, had found Frycz guilty of one of two charges of insulting President Bronislaw Komorowski. He was given 15 months of community service (40 hours per month), and 15 months of ‘restriction of liberty’, the latter entailing that he is not permitted to change his permanent address without permission from the court until the aforementioned period has elapsed.

Today the court upheld that he must serve the remaining twelve months. Frycz had created and run a web site named, in which users could take shots at the president in video games. Meanwhile, the Piotrkow Trybunalski court deemed that manipulated images of Komorowski on the site had a “clearly sexual, erotic dimension.”

Frycz had argued from the outset that his web site was “satirical.”

Clearly a highly disturbed and hateful person. Who hates garlic.

12 thoughts on “Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite Of The Day: Robert Frycz Of”

  1. I remember seeing an old anti-Semitic drawing from Germany in the Middle Ages that captioned a Jew saying something along the lines of “If we run out of garlic I might have to resort to eating pork.”

  2. CleverOne… not
    I remember his case… He wasn’t actually sentenced for insulting the president. Internal Security Agency went into his house after he made a game where people could shoot at the president and found illegal programs on his computer. So he’s not some political prisoner but a thief who used stolen software in his business.
    And of course a clearly disturbed man. In Poland there are unfortunately a few people who have some kind of mental illnesses connected to antisemitism. Once I’ve seen a man who believed he won’t get any kind of justice in Polish courts because all Polish lawyers are Jews. He was a certified maniac.
    Antisemitism in such cases is an illness.

    1. And that’s why Jews didn’t suffer so heavily from infectious diseases. Similarly, because of the commandments to wash hands, to bury their dead outside of towns and not to defecate where you live, they didn’t so suffer from plague epidemics in Europe, that was the reason for the medievals to accuse Jews of the epidemics and to massacre them.

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