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Yesterday I topped off a fairly incredible day with a trip to Jerusalem (one day I may find a humorous way to tell the story of my business travails this month but right now it’s not a laughing matter).

Whatever else was going on I didn’t want to miss my chance to drive up to Jerusalem and talk to my good friend, Eve Harow, on her show on the startup Voice of Israel online radio station. They’ve got a professional set up in Jerusalem and I’m so glad I finally got there to record this. It was streamed live from their (still under construction) site. I was the only guest for the whole second hour of Eve’s show.


Let me know what you think. Here are a couple of links to things I spoke about:

Judge Dan on the UN: Assessing The UN’s OCHA “Gaza Crisis Atlas 2014? Report

Ryan Bellerose: Israel Palestine: Who’s Indigenous?



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