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Drew Brown of OneRepublic Really Loves Israel

Where OneRepublic reveals that BDS didn't even try with them.

The Pope, A Journalist And A Terrorist Walk Into A Bar With An Interpreter...

The current Pope is not fluent in Arabic and Abu Mazen, unless he learned it while organising the attack on the Italian ship Achille Lauro, doesn't speak Italian.

Melanie Phillips Talks Israel And Jews Down Under

Melanie Phillips casts an Israel and Jewish focused eye on what is going on in Australia.

Muhammad Zoabi: Zionism Is Not A Dirty Word

This young man is quite simply a national treasure

On Wednesday The Rabbis Met Brian

In which Brian appears on the radio once again to discuss the important issues of the day.

What Happens When Two Rabbis Question Anjem Choudry (Updated)

The questions asked by Rabbis Ari Abramowitz & Jeremy Gimpel are off the chart brilliant and Anjem answers honestly.

Brian Speaks To Josh Hasten On Voice Of Israel

In which I get to talk and talk and talk on the radio. @VOIsrael

Where To Find Real Intelligent Discussion About Islam

Sisi knows terrorist attacks we see in Israel, the west and the aggressive war of conquest being waged by Da’esh nearby are real Islam.

Phillips Talks To Poller, Dyer & Murray On France, Terror And Islam

Not one, not two but three great interviews by Melanie Phillips on Voice of Israel.

Aussie Dave Interviewed On The Voice Of Israel

Yesterday, I was interviewed by Daniel Seaman and Daniela Traub on the Voice Of Israel

Voice Of Brian On Voice Of Israel

A one hour interview in which Brian of London talks about Israel, the UK and Israellycool stuff.


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