I’m Ashamed To Share The World With Ha’aretz Jews

Can anyone come up with a reason why Ha’aretz thought this was a good metaphor for a cartoon?

Ha’aretz are Evil. Seriously. There is no other explanation at this point.

Do I have to point out the conspiracy theory gold they’ve delivered their core audience of Jew hating, neo-nazis? The ones who love to comment on their Facebook pages. This will go down in their books as absolute proof that Mossad was behind 9-11.

18 thoughts on “I’m Ashamed To Share The World With Ha’aretz Jews”

  1. Do these people actually live in Israel? Or do they commute from a spaceship in orbit? Because I really can’t fathom why a citizen of a country would deliberately cause harm to that country for no reason whatsoever. Do the editorial staff of Ha’aretz think that what happens to Israel somehow won’t happen to them?

    1. “Do the editorial staff of Ha’aretz think that what happens to Israel somehow won’t happen to them?”

      I can only guess that they think that, as “good” Jews, they’ll be immune.

      Despite all evidence to the contrary, of course.

    2. I ask myself that question daily about Jews like Ha’aretz staff, 972Rag, Peter Beinart, etc. At this point, I’m thinking that their radical ideology is the religion for which they’re prepared to die and sacrifice their people. In their twisted minds, it seems that the demise of Israel as a Jewish state is a higher goal than even their own survival.

  2. You have perfectly articulated my feelings about this disgusting cartoon.

    Which I appreciate, because I was choking with rage and incapable of doing so myself.

  3. If you do have the stomach to read comments on Ha’Hamas, you would think you were at Stormfront. Ha’Hamas needs to be shut down as a subversive newspaper.

  4. or, I’ll show you I’m not chickenshit by flying a plane into your tower(s) – THE WHOLE CARTOON IS SICK.

    Chat Conversation Start

    4 minutes ago
    Initially I was simply shocked – you could have knocked me over with a feather. Now I am disgusted and angry. Political cartoons are often drawn with the specific intent to create discussion and deliver a message. This, however, is way over the line.If the message is: Bibi is destroying Israel’s relationship with the USA, there are ways of conveying this notion other than equating his actions/policies to that most horrific and terrifying day.If the message is: Bibi wants to *deliberately destroy* Israel’s relationship with the USA then I’m just appalled at such a notion.There are a few other potential messages – none deserve anymore time and energy to convey. I, too, agree: greatest shame on cartoonist Amos Biderman.***And I made Aliyah from the United States – damn Amos Biderman and shame on Ha’Aretz.

  5. This is straight out of the worst anti-Semitic rag one could imagine. I’m stunned that it’s in an Israeli periodical. It’s really one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen.

  6. ahad_ha_amoratsim

    I cannot believe that AIPAC is sponsoring US appearances by Ari Shavit, who wrote a book slandering Israel’s founders that has been attacked even by leftist historians.

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