Yehudah Glick Shot, Others under Threat (Updated)


Rabbi Yehudah Glick was shot four times standing outside the Menachen Begin Center.

The attempted murderer sped away on a motorcycle.

Rabbi Yehudah Glick
Rabbi Yehudah Glick


Israellycool reported on the first conference held at the Begin Center in June.

The Facebook invitation to this second conference on October 29th has been taken down.

But earlier this evening, these were comments were still posted from a few days ago:

threats against Yehudah Glick

“Death to Israel, Death to you.”

image Yehudah Glcik

The Glick family have been friends for many years, such wonderful contributing people.

Yehudah being a good sport, posed one day last summer for photos outside of Jaffa Gate of the Old City, not because of politics, but for his red hair.

As comments about Glick being a good person are posted on Twitter,

I wonder if Washington or the EU care about the increase in incitement against Israel and individual Israelis.

Do they notice the rejoicing to violence, death and murder, as they pressure only Israel to make concessions for peace?


UPDATE Oct 30 11:13am: 12 hours after being shot at point blank range multiple times, Glick survived surgery.

The suspected shooter, an Arab employee of the restaurant at the Begin Center, was shot and killed by police in the near by Abu Tor neighborhood of Jerusalem where he lived.

Two male relatives of the shooter were taken by police for questioning.

Meanwhile, prayers continue for full recovery of  ????? ????? ?? ???? ???? ?????


UPDATE Oct 31 12:15am: 24 hours after shooting Glick is alive and the assassin is to be buried.

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