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Israel Under 14 Baseball team

Israel National Baseball Team Wins

Israel baseball teams returns from Europe
Rosh Hodesh in Jerusalem

Photo of the Day: Picnic Time

Jerusalem park apartheid fail
Arab girls sitting at Knesset ceremony

Where Are We Now?

Where were we today?
Arab MKs at President's house

Photo of Day: Joint List Reps Walk

Joint List Arab Mks walk - the red carpet
Muslim amn and woman sit in Teddy Park Jerusalem

Dear UN: New Photos of Real Arab Girls

Life in Israel may not always be as idyllic as picnic in park, but far from worse place for women

Fogel Family Remembering

Four years since the Fogel family was murdered
image Arab girl

International Women’s Day Photo

First Israeli selected to represent Israel as a youth delegate to the United Nations
image Arab shuk

New Photo of Arab Girls with Video

A new video with those soothing 'female' voices
jerusalem Marathon

Jerusalem Marathon: Nir Barkat’s New Look

Jerusalem Marathon launch with Mayor Nir Barkat
image valley of cross in snow and fog

Jerusalem Shut Down by That Four Letter Word

Jerusalem, Israel, came to standstill this morning.
Muslim boys praying in ruins

Reuters Living with Ruins of Gaza Photos

27 photos of ruins, not one of any rebuilding Gaza
John Baird snow people in Davos

Photo of the Day: Davos Photo Bomb

Israeli snowman Photo Bombs Davos
image Canada Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper Takes on Jihad

Stephen Harper sounds like a true leader
sling shot rcok thrower dressed as santa

Photo of the Day: Santa Wears a Gas Mask

Ho ho, this jolly santa not only slings rocks, but wears a gas mask
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