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Let’s face it. We live in an increasingly WTF world. But having said that, there are things which still have the ability to shock.

One such thing is this next photo taken in New York City on Halloween, which has been doing the rounds on social media.

nazi outfit

The truly shocking part is not Adolf Hitler father, nor Aryan Nation mother, but rather the young child dressed in a concentration camp uniform.

As this blogger says so eloquently, here’s hoping that little guy in the stroller doesn’t grow up to be half the jackass both of his parents are.

4 thoughts on “WTF Photo Of The Day”

  1. Distasteful, sure. But I don’t know why it should be tagged as anti-Semitic. It’s Hallow’een. People dress up as monsters, spooks and nightmares, and someone dressed as a Nazi. Pat Condell, well-known for his incisive verbal eviscerations of Islam and the Loony Left, has advocated wearing a burka on Hallow’een.

  2. We had Ebola nurses, Isis guys, gaddaffi, sexy girl nazis, and jimmy Saville at the Halloween party I was at. And that’s the point of it…a celebration of the macabre. It was a party for adults, I would never allow my children to dress like this to trick or treat and I do think the way that baby was dressed did cross a line……

  3. I know better. On the picture attached You can examine the newly elected mayor of a small Hungarian town (Ózd) posing with a guy dressed as A.H. He’s (the mayor) represents “Jobbik”, the most popular, and practically the only opposition, openly fascist, neonazi party of the country. And no, it’s not halloween.

    There’s real chance they gonna win the elections in 2018. Then I’m gonna make Aliyah, for sure, if not before.

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