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How NOT To Show You Aren’t An Antisemite, by Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, disc jockey, activist, and actress. And nincompoop.

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Party Compares US President Donald Trump to Hitler

Boy, would I love to see his response to this!

Schooltime For Hitler

Say what?

Ken Livingstone Caught Lying And Manipulating

I believe Livingstone is a master manipulator and liar. I show you how from his latest sound bytes

Reader Post: Hitler as a Generic – Have We Lost Our Minds?

In America, we have seen a very disturbing trend as of late

Richard Silverstein And The Nazi-Israel Images

Could it be that Silverstein finds this kind of vile Nazi-Israeli comparison offensive?

WTF Photo Of The Day

Some things still have the ability to shock

Reader Post: Hadio Loves Hitler

Reader Ari brings a disturbing line of products to our attention

Casual Antisemitism Gone Wild


Separated At Birth: Erdogan The Hypocrite Edition

I've been wondering where I've seen that moustache and comb over before.....

Both Masaryks Were Great Men, And Friends Of The Jews

Stand by Israel, now. Don't let the betrayal of Munich be repeated, anywhere and in any shape, particularly not on the Jewish state.

Fail Of The Day: Causing A Führer Edition

Old and busted: The pot calling the kettle black New hotness: The lot calling the kettle Hitler

Where Richard Silverstein Compares Israel To Hitler

Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein continues to provide grist for my mill
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