Is This Dan Gillerman’s Best Interview Ever?

We’ve lost count at Israellycool how many times Israel’s former ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman, knocks it out of the park. Well this time he’s talking to Fox about Obama’s appeasement letter to the Iranians. He’s hitting six sixes in an over, running the length of the park to score the winning try and striking a double hat-trick to win the game 6-0.

Thanks to Gateway Pundit for this partial transcript:

Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman blasted Barack Obama today on America’s News HQ. The former Ambassador told Uma Pemmaraju Obama’s letter to Ayatollah Khamenei is shameful and “a letter of appeasement.”

“Israel is very upset and very surprised because that letter is really a letter of appeasement. It’s sleeping with the enemy the morning after sending him a love letter. And, as we know it it not the first time. It is probably the fourth communication between the president and the Iranian leadership.

It totally disregards the fact that the recipient of that letter is a terror state which perpetrates, harbors, finances terror all over the world… To do this is a sign of weakness.

The message it sends out to its allies, to America’s allies, especially to Israel is a message of weakness, of a weak America. And, the worse thing is the message it sends out to the Iranians is how eager the United States is to that deal. How eager the United States is to this evil, fundamentalist, cruel, extreme, cynical regime in Tehran… Neville Chamberlain… And what it says to America’s allies is they cannot rely on the United States and what it says to America’s enemies is that they can get away with murder… This is very dangerous… I think it’s a sign of desperation…”

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