Israeli Building, Land Grab, Occupation, and Confiscation

Another day, another incitement headline, remember “Israel Illegally Confiscates…”?

Today Arab media blasts that “Israel is to Confiscate...” more of “Palestinian land.”

Israeli authorities have delivered orders to the village of Beit Iksa north of Jerusalem ordering the confiscation of 12,852 dunums (3,176 acres) of Palestinian land.

“North of Jerusalem” is interesting, as usually all of Jerusalem is called East or near East. This village was established after 1967, so how does that fit PA narrative and plan of back to 1967 borders?

Ho hum, another day, another old issue being brought up now by Arab media to incite.

Recently an Arab media headline proclaimed that “Settlers seized” Arab homes. That lie was picked up, copied and widely shared in the main stream media. Jews bought those houses, but that detail was overlooked. Writers made it seem as if thieves in the night were committing a crime by sneaking into dwellings stolen from Arabs.

They say one photo is worth a thousand words, so let’s see if these ten photos can enlighten a few minds, in much less time than a 10,000 word essay.

First, when there is discussion of “land”

image land in Israel

this is what most of the “West Bank” and “East Jerusalem” (which means Jerusalem in all directions) looked like in 1967 when Jordan occupied the land. Going out to Gush Eztion this was the view for many kilometers for many years, even as Alon Shvut and Kfar Etzion residents returned to rebuild.

image traffic on narrow road

This spot of road leading from Jerusalem, Israel, north is always slow. It narrows to one lane in each direction. Why?

image house that is near road causing traffic to back up that Israel did not touch

Because of this Arab house on the road. If Israel was into “land grabbing” they would have grabbed that house out of there and widened the road a long time ago. Notice the green license plates of the PA on the same road in the same traffic. So why not use the land on the other side of the road you should be asking?

image poor arab houses Israel does not touch

Because these Arab dwellings are on the other side of the road.

So much for Israel taking land from Arab owners, even when a question of ownership and the Arab side wins.

image large Arab house

No, not all Arab houses are not like those. Here is just one

image Arab village

and there are many more I could share if you want another time. Back to topic and land grabbing.

image Gush land

Terracing and planting trees are how Arabs have claimed open land.

image new planting by Arabs to claim land

Yes, there is plenty of land grabbing, Arabs have planted where ever and when ever they can to stake claims.

image Arab land grab

Some houses may be old, but this is no ancient village, those are not old trees.

There is one piece of land that Israel nor any Arab land grabber seem to have nerve to touch.

image of palace started by King of Jordan outside of Jerusalem, isarel

The shell of the Jordanian King’s future summer palace has sat along the road outside of Jerusalem, Israel, on the top of this hill.

It is a reminder of Jordan grabbing and occupying the land from 1948-1967, but that is often conveniently  forgotten.

Too many misleading and cynically planned “announcements” for the same old Jewish houses have been spread too easily to cause an uproar.

Illegal Israeli building is destroyed on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, announcements of thousands of Arab houses to be built and those quietly and illegally proceeding… not a sound.

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  1. Norman_In_New_York

    Nothing in this exposition will get the desired response from the media because they resent having their faces rubbed in the truth.

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