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Freudian Slip Of The Day?

I'm not entirely sure it was a mistake

It’s Official. The United Nations Hates Women.

UN is a giant bowl of wrong.

#TBT: Obama On Iran In 2012

In 2012, Obama insisted that containment of a nuclear Iran was not an option, and that he was seeking a permanent, not temporary, solution.

A Few Questions About The Iran “Deal”

Prime Minister Netanyahu has some questions about the framework agreement between Iran and the P5+1

Barry Got Back By Sir Enrich A Lot

Barry's got our back

Zion Mike Presents…The Gift

Zion Mike on yesterday's nuclear "deal"

Joe’s World: Rouhani’s Yearning

Absence (of nukes) makes the heart grow fonder.

Death To America? Oh, That’s Nothing

What can and can't be said before a domestic political audience is now clear as mud.

Matt Lee To State Department: “Are You Sending Flowers As Well?”

The AP's Matt Lee questions the US State Department on the over-the-top condolences to Iran's President

The Bizarro World Of The US State Department

The insanity continues

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