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Freudian Slip Of The Day?

I'm not entirely sure it was a mistake

It’s Official. The United Nations Hates Women.

UN is a giant bowl of wrong.

#TBT: Obama On Iran In 2012

In 2012, Obama insisted that containment of a nuclear Iran was not an option, and that he was seeking a permanent, not temporary, solution.

A Few Questions About The Iran “Deal”

Prime Minister Netanyahu has some questions about the framework agreement between Iran and the P5+1

Barry Got Back By Sir Enrich A Lot

Barry's got our back

Zion Mike Presents…The Gift

Zion Mike on yesterday's nuclear "deal"

Joe’s World: Rouhani’s Yearning

Absence (of nukes) makes the heart grow fonder.

Death To America? Oh, That’s Nothing

What can and can't be said before a domestic political audience is now clear as mud.

Matt Lee To State Department: “Are You Sending Flowers As Well?”

The AP's Matt Lee questions the US State Department on the over-the-top condolences to Iran's President

The Bizarro World Of The US State Department

The insanity continues

Quora: Are Israel And Saudi Arabia Best Buds?

Not all Quora questions about Israel are from trolls.

Zion Mike Presents…The Explanation

Zion Mike hits the nail on the head again

Zion Mike Presents… The Thank You

Not far from the truth

Watch: Humiliation By Standing Ovation

Susan Rice is mocked with rapturous applause.
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