Shocking: New York Times Whitewashes Abbas’s Incitement

Israellycool has already posted about the reprehensible and biased reporting of Tuesday’s attack by CNN and CBC. But no terrorist attack in Israel would be complete if the New York Times had missed an opportunity to whitewash PA President Abbas’s incitement.

Since I’ve been pretty down on John Kerry lately, I’ll say first that I was impressed with his comments on Tuesday, in which he unequivocally condemned Palestinian incitement (you can see them here). CAMERA’s Gilead Ini writes that

Kerry’s remarks [made after the attack] . . . were among the most direct and cutting condemnations of Palestinian incitement by a high-ranking US official.

New York TimesIni goes on, however, to note that after The New York Times initially included Kerry’s remarks in its story,

At around 9 p.m., the story was finally scrubbed of any reference to Kerry’s remarks. A quote by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying the attack was “the direct result of the incitement” by Palestinian leaders was likewise cut. So was a passage suggesting that Abbas denounced the attack only as a result of Kerry’s demand for Palestinian condemnation. . . . Clearly, Palestinian incitement, and Mahmoud Abbas’s share of responsibility for ongoing strife, do not fit the newspaper’s script about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Read the whole thing here.

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