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The New York Times’ Voldemort Approach to Commemorating Anniversary of September 11 Attacks

The New York Times are up to their old tricks again

Cartoonist Antonio Moreira Antunes Claims Antisemitic Allegations Come From “The Jewish Propaganda Machine”

Now we can read exactly what he said. And it is even worse than I imagined.

WATCH: Views Of Herzliyah Beach And Brians Thoughts On The New York Times

You can ignore the discussion and just look at the pretty pictures if you like

Cartoonist Antonio Moreira Antunes Denies He is an Antisemite. Here’s Why I Think He’s...

The Jerusalem Post reports how Antonio Moreira Antunes, the cartoonist behind that antisemitic cartoon published in the New York Times, denies he is antisemitic.

New York Times’ Syndication Of Evil

Why is this cartoon available for syndication? Who are the editors at the syndication list who believe their customers may want to run this cartoon?

It’s 2019, Not 1939: Never Again Starts Now

Reader Chaim's take on THAT antisemitic cartoon in the NY Times

Take Your Words and Shove ‘Em!

Because some of us are no fools

CAMERA’s Trolling Masterclass

Media watchdog CAMERA has sponsored the following new 35-foot billboard in mid-town Manhattan

Know Your History: Palestinian Art (NY Times Dec 11, 1929)

The term "Palestinian" to refer to the Arabs who were living here pre-1948, as well as their descendants, is a relatively recent invention. Here's another example showing this.

The New York Times Get Skewered on Twitter

Not since #AskHamas and #AskGalloway has a tweet been so....asking for it.

New York Times Critic Doesn’t Doesn’t Dance Around His Hatred of Israel

Alastair Macaulay, the New York Times chief dance critic, seems to froth at the mouth when it comes to Israel.

The Greatest Thing I Have Seen in the New York Times In, Like, Forever

At the bottom of a New York Times article about Campbell Brown, leader of Facebook's news partnerships team, appears this correction

Plenty to Like About NY Times Report on Gaza

I know, it is a post title you may be surprised to see from me. Heck, I am surprised I felt the need to write it


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