More Shameful Reactions To Today’s Massacre of Jewish Worshipers


Following on from Brian’s earlier post I have decided to create this new, separate post. Because, quite frankly, the other post is getting too long, such is the number of shameful reactions we are seeing.

First up, we have US President Barack Obama, who certainly took his time condemning the attack. And when he did, he felt the need to declare “too many Palestinians have died.” He also stated that the overwhelming majority of palestinians want peace. Which is simply not true.

Earlier in the day, John Kerry and British Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Philip Hammond commented on the attack. Kerry was actually ok. Hammond? Not so much.

CNN are really showing their true colors today. Here’s a reminder of their earlier indiscretion, which contains not just one, but two instances of unebelievable bias.

Then there’s this:

cnn headline

Later in the day, CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield put in this performance:

And then dug even deeper.

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