Greta Berlin Compares Israellycool To Der St?rmer; Insults “Aussie Dan”


After Brian of London shared my epic anti-Israel propaganda fail post in the An Independent-Sovereign Palestine and Safe Israel Facebook group, rabid antisemite and walking dangers-of-plastic-surgery-advertisement Greta Berlin decided to open her mouth.

Figuratively speaking (I assume she has trouble physically accomplishing that)

greta berlin moron

Greta Berlin: Stupid is as stupid does, and these Ziobots are really, REALLY Dumb.

Greta Berlin: Posting from Israelly cool is like posting from Der Sturmer. “Probably the most infamous was ‘Der St?rmer’ by the anti-Semite Julius Streicher who claimed that ‘Der St?rmer’ was Hitler’s favourite read. However, Goebbels viewed the newspaper as little more than a ‘daily rag’ and believed that it was more likely to harm the regime than present it in its best light such was the paucity of its contents that occasionally bordered on the pornographic.” Good old Aussie dan fits the definition perfectly

Der Sturnmer? I wonder if she still subscribes.

Aussie Dan? Heh. Must be all that Forest Gump talk.

aussie dan

She can’t even read simple English and get my name right, let alone historical facts.

Really, REALLY Dumb. Stupid is as stupid does.


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