Pallywood Presents: Shirley Temper Starring In Mommy Dearest


A few days ago, a number of protesters were injured at one of the weekly Nabi Saleh protests, including Nariman Tamimi, otherwise known as the mother of Shirley Temper.

According to anti-Israel sources, she was was shot in the thigh at close range with a .22 bullet.

Here’s a photo of Tamimi and her wound. I’d fathom to say she is going to live.


And here’s another photo showing her husband and Shirley looking over her. Along with a man taking photos.


But here’s the money shot:

Notice how father Bassem is looking directly at the camera – not at his wife – as if imploring the cameraman to get the shot of Shirley crying. Because he knows it’s good for business.

Here’s video from the “protest”.

Notice how it can hardly be called “non-violent” – there is an abundance of stone-throwing, despite there being kids around (or perhaps because they are there).

The incident from the photos is from 8:30 onwards. Notice how everyone is relatively calm after Mother Tamimi is wounded. There is no hysterical crying. Soon afterwards, there is some shouting, followed by Shirley seeming to pick up a rock before running after an army jeep. When the footage cuts back to Mother Tamimi, she moans a bit, before flashing the “V” for victory gesture. The footage then returns to Shirley and others calmly marching.

There is no footage of Shirley crying like she is in the photo, presumably because her father – who I assume films these things – is too busy holding Shirley and trying to generate the sympathetic photo at the time. But we saw from the footage that at that point, Mother was very relaxed, and seemingly not in much pain. The surrounding footage seems to confirm 1) the wound is not serious and 2) Shirley was not as “devastated” as she appeared when the photographer was clicking away.

Granted, it is possible Shirley’s crying was genuine at the time of the photos, but it seems odd she would appear relatively calm from the footage. Plus we see the efforts her father is going to in order to generate the most sympathetic photo possible.

If father and mother Tamimi truly cared about Shirley and their other children, they would not be dragging them out to these violent protests every week in order to exploit them for propaganda purposes.

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