Tribute From Unlikely Source For Israeli Cricket Umpire Who Died In Freak Accident

A nice tribute to Hillel Awasker, the Israeli cricket umpire who was killed in a freak accident during a cricket game a few days ago, mere days after Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes also died from an injury sustained during a game.

Hillel Oscar.jpegMinutes before his death of Saturday, an Israeli umpire Hillel Awasker paid tributes to the Australian left-handed batsman Phillip Hughes. This was revealed by Awasker’a Jewish wife Jenny.

Speaking exclusively over her mobile from Ashdod on Sunday afternoon, she said, “my husband took his own photo posing as paying tribute to the Australian player who died two days before this. He had promised me to send the picture during break or after the match yesterday. Alas, that moment never came”.

“It was sad. Indeed it was sad. Losing two cricket-related men in one week and that too due to play activity on the field is very sad”.

The wife, however, doesn’t regret for her husband’s profession. “No, not at all. I don’t regret a bit for his cricket-related profession. He loved the game so much as a player, as an umpire and a coach also. I would have regretted had he not taken up this profession”, she added.

“He was involved in coaching for children also. He went to England and learnt coaching skill there. The children here loved him so much as their coach”.

Interestingly, Hillel Awasker was born in India (Mumbai). “He came to Israel in 1977 and we fell in love with each other in eighties. We married in 1983 and have two daughters”.

What makes this very interesting is it comes from The Pakistan Observer. Pakistan is hardly a friend to Israel. And Hillel was born in India, also not exactly a friend to Pakistan.

Yet Pakistan and India are constantly playing cricket matches against each other.

So there you have it. The answer to world peace

Update: The Pakistani team used to have an Israeli trainer and physiotherapist called Dan Kiesel.

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