Spotlight On Terrorist Supporter And Antisemite: Shukeel Chohan

One of the disadvantages of running a popular pro-Israel blog is receiving despicable comments from the dregs of humanity.

A major advantage is possessing excellent Google “juice”, meaning I can expose the aforementioned dregs to anyone doing a Google search of their name.

Call it a public service.

Today’s subject is Shukeel Chohan, rabid antisemite and terrorism supporter, who’s first mistake was leaving this comment on the blog:

shukeel comment

Shukeel Chohan

Deception and theft is a typical Jewish trait. Just like the scorpion, they can’t help it

His second mistake was leaving his Facebook profile open to all and sundry..


Which reveals more antisemitism:


And terror support:


Chohan’s LinkedIn profile reveals he is a business/financial consultant. I wonder if any of clients are Jewish or detest racial hatred, antisemitism and/or terrorism.

shukeel chohan linkedin

Incidentally, someone by the name of Shukeel Chohan portrays himself as against racism. And had served in the British army.

Prince Harry’s use of the phrase “little Paki friend” to describe an Asian colleague has been described as “unacceptable and wounding”.

But is the term offensive to all British Asians? A former Army officer and a journalist tell the BBC News website what the term means to them.

Shukeel Chohan, 41, a British-born Pakistani and former officer in the British army, said it was a generally accepted part of army culture to mock and ridicule each other.

“It’s all part of the character building process. Nobody ever has any malicious intent,” he said.

“The thing is the same person, one day, is going to be relying on you to look after their life.

“If someone had said something to me, you’d say something back, whether they were ginger, fat, Scottish, Jewish, Welsh, no one ever means it maliciously.”

Mr Chohan admitted the first time he encountered such comments in the Army he was “taken aback”.

Having been chosen as top recruit in his regiment, he was called in to see the brigadier who said “oh, you’re one of them,” when he entered the room.

“I said, ‘sorry sir, what do you mean, British-born and patriotic?’ He laughed and said, ‘don’t worry son, you’ll do well.’

“I didn’t take offence. In that environment you’re like a band of brothers, you have to be like that. You can’t be mollycoddled, you can’t be dropped on a battle zone if you can’t take a bit of banter.”

Mr Chohan said he doubted that Prince Harry was racist.

Me and my friends all use the phrase like that. If you’re using it with friends and without malice, it can be fine to use.

“His Pakistani colleague probably gave as good as he got but, unfortunately, that’s not evidenced in the video on this occasion,” he said.

Mr Chohan grew up on white council estate in Birmingham, at a time when the National Front used a local pub for its headquarters, and had encountered racial abuse.

“We grew up with a lot of abuse. At the time I was quite reactionary and would have fought in defence of my race and colour. I grew up fighting in a time when I had to defend myself,” he said.

“But you have got to get on with your life and realise some people have prejudices, you have to accept them and that they have different views.”

If it is the same guy, I’d add hypocrite to the list. And suggest the British army reviews its recruitment policy.

Update: Position 3 in the Google search results. With a bullet.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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