Video: British (Jewish) MP Gerald Kaufman: “You Cannot Appeal To The Israelis’ Better Nature, Because They Do Not Have One”

And there’s more lies and bile spewing forth from the odious Kaufman, including his statement of fact that an Arab bus driver who was found to have committed suicide was actually tortured to death (based on the palestinian’s view, because, well, they never lie).


Sir Gerald Kaufman (Manchester, Gorton) (Lab): We debate in cosy Westminster, with tea and muffins down the stairs and the Christmas lights coming on, so let us hear from a Palestinian friend of mine, who e-mailed me a few days ago. He said:

“Clashes are daily occurrences now in Jerusalem. A week ago, things were about to calm down when a Palestinian bus driver was tortured and hanged in his bus. It instigated a lot of anger which mounted after the Israelis suggested that the man committed suicide, although Palestinian doctors who examined him produced evidence of torture on his body. As you may guess, the doctor who produced these evidence is summoned to questioning by the Shabak now.

A day after the incident, two men have committed a terrible act of killing four Jews in a synagogue near where the incident took place. Unfortunately, many Palestinians do not see a difference between civilians and militants in Jerusalem. They have started to consider even those who incite…the killings as fair targets even if they were civilians. And now on daily basis you hear about incidents of stabbings and lynchings all over the city. The Palestinians in Jerusalem are feeling hopeless, and since the torture and murder of the young boy Abu Khdeir in summer, clashes did not stop. More than 1,000 Palestinians in Jerusalem have been arrested in the past 4 months. Houses, especially in Silwan, are being captured by settler groups. Family houses of Palestinians taking part in any of the stabbing or killing incidents are being demolished, or will be demolished. Israeli officials and Israel police officials have given public orders to their men to execute any Palestinian who is involved in any incident on the spot.

This situation will only escalate. I’ve never seen that amount of fear and despair among Palestinians in Jerusalem before. Economic situation is on the low, settlement movement escalating, attacks on Al-Aqsa mosque is on the rise, and no one sees any hope. So I’m afraid that this will lead to the escalation of desperate acts. And more citizens will be seeking vengeance on their own and as they see fit.”

This is a man who is living it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is a living hell. We rightly talk about the horror of Gaza, on which the Israelis have imposed a total blockade. After killing 2,000 people and demolishing huge amounts, they are not permitting any real rebuilding. We pay too little attention to what is going on in the west bank and East Jerusalem. It is a living hell for the people who dwell there and want to live peaceful, decent lives. We are doing nothing about it. We get clichés from the Government. We get minor condemnations, but nothing is being done. Barack Obama could have backed up John Kerry when he made a proper effort to bring peace about, but he sat in the background.

Grahame M. Morris: My right hon. Friend is, as always, making an excellent contribution, but does the lesson of history tell us anything? When George Bush senior applied economic sanctions in 1990, that led to some progress at Madrid and at Oslo.

Sir Gerald Kaufman: My hon. Friend is absolutely right. You cannot appeal to the Israelis’ better nature, because they do not have one. You can, however, threaten them financially. When £10 billion of loan guarantees were withheld by George Bush senior, the Israelis scuttled off to Madrid. It is only sanctions and an arms embargo that work. The anticipation of a two-state solution, which we all support as a cliché, is bogus, because there will not be a two-state solution. The Israelis have the fourth largest military force in the world and nuclear weapons. They believe that they can get away with anything, but they had better take a look at how the Berlin wall fell. They had better take a look at how apartheid in South Africa crumbled overnight. They had better take a look at how peace was brought about in Ireland. They do not have time on their side. There are now more Palestinians than Israeli Jews—

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  1. Europe is getting more and more insane every day. I just read that Brussel is trying to convince other EU countries to recognise the ‘palestinian state’. It’s time for all Jews in Europe to realise: the nazis are gone, but the new threat are coming from the left. The islamization of the left-liberal Europe, and the willingness of the EU politicians to serve the needs of the muslim votes is means more and more Jew hatred every day, institutionalization of more and more arab lies, more and more official bullshit.

    It’s quite sad but one have to realise: Europe slowly becoming a muslim dominated region, and therefore Israel will have to divorce from Europe very soon. I think sooner the better.

      1. ahad_ha_amoratsim

        The EU countries did a lot to help the Third Reich — even the countries who fought them on the battlefield had citizens who were more than happy to help them cleanse Europe of Jews.

      2. Ridiculous statement from you Norman. Kaufman is a dick but he says nothing different from any other left leaning ‘international socialist’, in that Israel is seen as the easy target and the Palestinians are rarely called out due to ‘white western guilt’ over our I mperialist past.

        Kaufman has applied relativism with a dash of realpolitik with an eye on upcoming elections. I’ve never been to that area of Manchester for which he represents but I’m guessing the demographics aren’t solely white working class anymore…..which labour traditionally represented in the past….

        Kaufman is a typical borgeois lefty who find their political narrative increasingly driven by the pro-Palestinian lobby as their traditional voters leave them in droves……

        1. No it is not ridiculous – if anything it is an understatement. The Eurotrash are in fact doing a lot of the samethings that the Nazis started.

          1. I agree. The EU rides roughshod over its member states, playing every trick in the book to keep its career politicians at the caviar trough and their infantile dreams of ultimate power alive. Meanwhile, they fill the coffers of HAMAS, in the name of altruism and humanitarianism of course.

            It’s no wonder that more and more people, particularly in Britain and France, want to get rid of it.

        2. “Kaufman is a dick but he says nothing different from any other left
          leaning ‘international socialist’, in that Israel is seen as the easy
          target and the Palestinians are rarely called out due to ‘white western
          guilt’ over our Imperialist past.”

          That was so amazingly well-put that I had to repeat it. That’s it in a *nutshell*.

          1. Other than the fact that Israel has a socialist economy and is the most left leaning state in that region….. Yeah, nailed that one right on the head.

  2. Hard Little Machine

    Well the upside is that when the UK ethnically cleanses all the Jews….from the UK, the look on Gerald Kaufman’s face will be….priceless. Give that man a Chaim Rumkowsky T-shirt.

    1. It’s if, not when.

      Most of us are pissed off with the whole thing, but we know how it works. Muslim hits first, the media ignores it. An Englishman hits first, and he’s no longer an Englishman. So that leaves two options: revolution through the ballot box, or revolution by other means.

      But hell, you’re going to keep on telling the Islamobastards that their victory is inevitable, aren’t you?

    2. Meaning whether he believes in the religious faith of Judaism or not he will be presumptuously accused by those who want to commit genocide, yet again.
      Never could really understand how anyone could prove what a person has in their heart and soul and in their minds. A religious belief system is in one’s own inner thoughts and of course if one chooses to openly identify and practice it openly. So what’s up with that? You really aren’t any religion unless you practice it and at least believe in it’s edicts. People should not be targeted under any circumstances for peaceably identifying practicing or believing in their religion in their own minds. Serious repressiveness to mess with someone’s thinking. This guy is a Jew hater, he is not a Jew. Judaism requires a mental construct, it is a belief system no more and no less.

    1. How do you know he is circumcised? How do you know he is Jewish, there is NO way this guy is Jewish he’s a convert to Islam.

      1. By Jewish law, if one is born to a Jewish mother, one is Jewish, period. Kaufman is the ultimate example of what is called a “self-hating Jew.”

        1. If you denounce the religion you were born into and leave it despite if one of your parents were supposedly a particular religion or not…you are obviously no longer practicing that religion or owning it as your faith in any way.

    1. I wish people would stick to the facts & not gay-bash, or demean women in fighting this evil man’s lies. Once people move to childish & bigoted remarks, it is easier to picture him as a victim, which he is NOT!

  3. This is the same person who once objected to Hamas being called terrorists and compared them to the Jewish fighters in the Warsaw ghetto.
    At the same time he admitted that Hamas was a “deeply nasty organization” (yet that did not lead him to the obvious conclusion that Israel would then have the right to do something about the “nasty organization” nor did it lead him to the conclusion that comparison between a “nasty organization” and Jewish fighters in the Warsaw ghetto was odious).

  4. This evil is invading the U.S. also. I see the exact same type of comments here. We are having the same type of governmental pro islam bias here. It is a death cult from hell. If it is not wiped out, it will spread like a cancer. Eating away everything in its path.

  5. i stopped listening when he said, “they scuttled off to Madrid…,” a verb most frequently applied to reptiles. What a classic anti-Semite.

  6. The Israels are the new target of the world, they have always been a Muslim target but now they would solve everybody’s problems if they just give in and allow themselves once more to be subjugated to genocide. Here A news flash for you. THE STATE OF Israel IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE UNLESS EVERYONE ELSE COMES ALONG FOR THE RIDE> YOU SHOULD LOOK AT HISTORY AND IF THE USA DID NOT BAIL YOU ALL OUT YOU WOULD BE SPEAKING GERMAN AND THEIR WOULD BE NO MORE JEWISH PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET< THAT YOUR NOW Trying WITH THE CHRISTIANS………………WE ALL KNOW HOW THE STORY ENDS BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IN GOD AND HIS PROPHECY. SO BRING IT ON!!!!

  7. People should have stopped listening when he pulled out a letter from a “Palestinian friend”. What sort of legislator reads personal mail into the official record? There was a lie right in the beginning of his “reading” when he brought up the bus driver, who clearly had not been touched by anyone but himself. Kaufman is hate-filled to the point of mental illness. Turns out he’s a major thief, & should be in jail now, much less thrown out of Parliament.

  8. I have Palestinian fiends that live there, they fear the underground terrorist more than they do the sometime slight in-convince of being stop for their Licence when they are driving (sort of profiling) here in the USA Just a fact of life like it is here and like here they rather burn the place down instead of trying to change thing within the laws that are in place. This is directed to Sir Gerald Kaufman, Do you know that when my friend AMMIN comes home from work that he has to go looking for his son, that get’s practically kidnapped by these hudlems that come across the boarder and hold sessions with the youngsters 15ish or so and invent a history and try to sell them on this extreme forme of Islam. He out sometimes all ours of the night looking for his son ,telling him to stop hanging out with these guys that their selling him on death. My friend drives a cab sells a few religious items and plays soccer at his old age of 60, like me, we met each other over 25 years ago before families and worries on how to keep our children safe. These bullies inciting the kids to throw rocks and bottles at the police is going to get him killed. Like my child all he wants him to do is go to school (which is free over there) get an education and find a nice girl one day to marry and have grandchildren. Which was very foreseeable possibility until the outside MB propaganda is getting a hold on him along with peer pressure, His worst night mare is that he nay have to burrie that boy. He remembers quite well when the Israelis were protecting the west bank how we used to go everywhere to Bethlehem and back to Jerusalem, It was great taking tourist around show them the sights of whichever religion they wanted to see and make a few shekels while doing it.He had a great childhood under the protection of the Israelis. And still dose a nice wife children prays when he wants to , well 5x a day, but a a man of peace maybe a occasional shot of arrack lol So to end my e-mail that I got from my friend your friend, Sir Gerald Kaufman , is just a inciter of trouble and when he says they can’t tell the difference from civilians or military or police its just another way of telling you that terrorism has already arrived in Jerusalem and I pray that my friend can go and sign the kid up into a Israeli military school so at least hell be studying while the State dose what they have to do because now it in their back yard and their tolerance will be a lot less than in gaza all Israeli citizens,Muslim or Jew or Druze or Greek, should inform on anyone who is an enemy of the state that feeds them and gives them the right live with that freedom. And God Knows who the good guys are and as far as the Brits all together, Let them have ISIL as their ally. Don’t think anyone ever forgot the ship renamed the EXODUS and while your at it stay out of Cyprus you’ve been nothing but bad luck to whom you ever you had colonized, Ofcourse you have had so great leaders but your not a Thatcher or a Blair or a Churchill then are you!

  9. A “Jewish” MP of Britain’s socialist party publicly reading selected verses of antisemitic fan-mail..I’m really trying to think of a more perverse and morally bankrupt act (barring full-on anti-Semitic violence and terrorist attacks), but nothing comes to mind.

  10. This guy is an Israel hater, a Jew hater, he is NOT of the Jewish faith, if he ever was, he has very very CLEARLY denounced it.

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