The Reuters Photographer Who Specialized In Bias


The following photo is included in part one of the Reuters’ feature The Photographers’ Story, in which “Reuters photographers tell the story behind some of the most iconic, unusual and breathtaking pictures of 2014 in news, entertainment and sports.”

kids with guns

Reuters photographer Suhaib Salem explains:

“I was covering the celebrations by Palestinians moments after the declaration of a ceasefire that ended 51 days of fighting between Israel and Hamas. Throwing sweets and chanting slogans, people took to the streets, riding vehicles and motorcycles, to celebrate what they said was victory over Israel.

Moments before taking this picture, the battles between Israel and Gaza’s militants were taking place and explosions could be heard till the truce was announced. The scene was special as children were smiling, holding a pistol and a weapon, and showing no sign of fear.

Yep, there’s nothing quite as “special” as a couple of little boys smiling while brandishing weapons, all while celebrating a non-existent “victory” that involved thousands of their own people dying thanks to the actions of their terrorist comrades.

Seriously, Reuters, you might want to consider hiring less biased photographers.

Or at least instructing your biased photographers to not be so obvious about it.

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