Guest Post (Dickie Sliverstein): Scoop! What Killed Foreign Prisoners In Israeli Jail


The reliable Ma’an News agency reports on a tragedy in the national security state:

sumatran tiger cubs
“Please don’t eat us mummy!”

A rare Sumatran tiger in the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo has killed and eaten her two five-week-old cubs in a blow to its captive breeding program, its chief vet said Monday.

The mother tiger, named Hana, had given birth to three cubs after being mated with a tiger from Germany called Avigdor, Nili Avni-Magen told AFP.

“One cub died shortly after birth but the other two were in good health. We discovered they had been killed when we went to weigh them,” she said.

“We have no explanation for the behavior of the mother, who had taken good care of them at the start.”

It is very simple. My source has confirmed to me that Hana, the mother tiger, ate her young because of the occupation.

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The above post was satire. Take note Carl Bildt.

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