The Strange Case Of The Undead Palestinian Woman

amal-taqatqaMa’an News reports on a strange hospital incident involving palestinian Amal Taqata, about whom I posted in the past.

A Jewish settler assaulted a Palestinian woman being held under armed Israeli guard three weeks ago at a Jerusalem hospital, Ma’an has learned.

Yousif Matya, a lawyer from the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society, said in a statement that Amal Taqatqa, a Palestinian woman from Beit Fajjar south of Bethlehem who is being treated from gunshot wounds, was attacked by a Jewish Israeli while sleeping in her bed at Hadassah Ein Karem hospital in West Jerusalem.

“While sleeping in her hospital bed, she was awakened by a Jewish settler grabbing her hair. He then slapped her in the face,” the lawyer said.

He added that Taqatqa had notified the Israeli officers who watch her at the hospital, and they told her they would report the incident to officials.

Taqatqa has been held under armed guard at the hospital since early December, when she was shot by soldiers after a Jewish settler claimed she stabbed him near the Gush Etzion Jewish settlement bloc, which is located partially on lands stolen from her village.

Her lawyer said in the statement regarding the incident that he was only able to visit Taqatqa after making several requests to authorities.

He said she was improving after several surgeries, pointing out that she was shot five times in the leg, abdomen, chest, and arm.

The most bizarre part of this incident is that according to palestinian and Arab sources, Amal Taqata had previously died.

A Palestinian young woman Amal Taqatqa suffered serious injuries Monday morning and died later on after being shot by Israeli occupation forces for allegedly trying to stab an IOF soldier.

Eyewitnesses told the PIC reporter that Israeli forces suddenly opened heavy fire towards a young woman at the entrance to Beit Fujar town near Gush Etzion settlement located to the north of al-Khalil.

Amal Taqtaqa, 22, was shot and killed Monday in cold blood while on her way from Beit Fujar town to al-Khalil city center to prepare for her wedding planned to be held a few weeks later.

According to this account, she was killed after being hit with twenty bullets (and not five as reported by Ma’an above).

The young woman was hit with twenty bullets by Israeli soldiers and settlers and transferred in an Israeli ambulance vehicle to Haddasah hospital after preventing the Palestinian Red Crescent from reaching her after the shooting.

Although this account from Hamas mentions only four bullets:

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday held the Israeli occupation government responsible for Monday’s assault on the Palestinian young lady Amal Taqatqa, dubbing the crime “premeditated field execution.”

The ministry slammed the attack as a “cowardly act,” saying Amal was hospitalized due to the serious injuries she sustained after she was hit by four bullets unleashed by the Israeli occupation soldiers. She later died in hospital.

“The operation is an on-the-spot and premeditated execution perpetrated by the Israeli occupation forces against the girl, under the guidance of the Israeli occupation government. IOF soldiers showered her with torrents of bullets in an attempt to shoot her dead,” a statement by the ministry read.

Leaving aside the number of bullets, are we dealing with a zombie?

Well, not according to other palestinian sources which claim she was injured, but lived.

Like this, which claims she was shot in the foot three times.

The soldier then fired three bullets in the air as Amal continued to run, frightened. The soldier shouted at her but she continued to run.

Amal was shot by the soldier, injuring her foot and she fell to the ground. She was then able to stand up and continue running. The soldier shot at her foot again yet she kept running. For the third time, the soldier shot at Amal’s foot and it was then that she fell and could not stand up again. Within seconds, there were approximately 20 Israeli soldiers surrounding Amal shooting at her. Amal was not provided with medical assistance until an Israeli ambulance arrived half an hour later. She was left bleeding on the road for approximately 30 minutes.

And this, which claims she was shot in the chest and then feet.

“At that point, the settlers asked an Israeli soldier who was in the area to shoot the girl, and the soldier immediately shot her in the chest. The girl fell to the ground then tried to get up and run away, but the soldier shot her again in the feet causing her to fall down again then he approached her and shot a last round,” the official added.

And this, which claims she was shot in the chest, waist and in the left foot.

According to the club’s lawyer, the occupation continues detention at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalemand they have undergone during the last period of the surgery in the chest, waist and in the left foot. He said, they will be subject to other process in her hand.

Compare these to the Ma’an version, which had her shot in the leg, abdomen, chest, and arm.

So clearly, the palestinians have again had a hard time corroborating their stories. And this extends not just to the number of times she was shot, nature of her injuries and where she was shot, but also why she was shot.

Was it because a man – with whom she was engaging in hand-to-hand combat after he verbally abused her – commanded soldiers to shoot her?

Palestinian woman suspected of stabbing an Israeli settler on December 1 was defending herself after being harassed by the man, a Palestinian official claimed Tuesday.


Taqatqa reportedly engaged in a hand-to-hand fight with the settler after he verbally abused her, causing a minor scratch to the settler’s neck, Qaddura said.

“At that point, the settlers asked an Israeli soldier who was in the area to shoot the girl..

Or perhaps it was because she did not answer a call to her in Hebrew, so she got scared and tried to run away?

According to eyewitnesses who spoke to Jihad, Amal was walking towards the bus stop, one of the settlers called onto Amal in Hebrew, which she does not understand. She was frightened and started to run to escape the settler. The settler called to a soldier who was inside a watchtower there and told him that Amal tried to stab him.

So back to the report from Ma’an. Call me cynical, but I somehow find it hard to believe the palestinian claim that she was suddenly attacked by a Jewish Israeli while sleeping in her bed in the hospital. And so should you.

Remember folks: always scrutinize the palestinian version of events. Because invariably, you will find a number of different versions with a bunch of inconsistencies like we see here.

It is like shooting fish in a barrel. Or perhaps a fish tank. Or was it a pond?


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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