Guest Post (Dickie Sliverstein): More Misdeeds Of The Israeli Security State


Ynet reports on the latest exploits of the Israeli police.

An Israeli policeman smugly smiles as he steals the Palestinian family's meal  (Photo: Israel Police Spokesman's Unit)
An Israeli policeman smugly smiles as he steals the Palestinian family’s meal (Photo: Israel Police Spokesman’s Unit)

The Judea and Samaria District Police came across a fawn that was illegally captured by Palestinians in the shed of a private home in Hebron on Friday during a search operation conducted by officers in the investigation and intelligence unit of the police

The fawn, an animal classified as protected wildlife in Israel, was found chained up inside a barrel, and was transferred to the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo for medical treatment.

Chief inspector Yaniv Ohana, who commanded the forces that entered the home, said: “We carried out the raid in order to search for weapons. When we arrived, we found 2,000 bullets for M16 rifles and many parts for M16 rifles. One of the detainees is involved in assembling weapons to be used in terror attacks.”

The officers uncovered the fawn by chance. “All of a sudden, we heard noises from a shed in the home. We didn’t understand what it was, and began searching,” Ohana says. “We then found a fawn chained up inside a barrel. We removed him and put him in our vehicle. We immediately called the veterinary department at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. They joined us and assumed responsibility. The fawn received vaccinations at the zoo.”

According to Ohana, the residents of the home had intended to slaughter the fawn and eat it.

As part of the search, the officers also found drugs at the home. Two Palestinians, a father and son, were arrested and taken for interrogation at the Hebron District Police.

So there you have it. Stealing a Palestinian family’s weapon collectibles, depriving them of their food, confiscating their medication and then kidnapping the father and son.

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Warning: The above is satire based on the views of a real person. At least, we think he is.

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