What Happens When Two Rabbis Question Anjem Choudry (Updated)

Including a wonderful riff on the classic line… what has Islam ever done for us! I love Ari & Jeremy! Stop whatever you’re doing and listen to all of this NOW! (Updated to include the FULL show including the discussion after Anjem leaves).

Update: I’ve now listened twice, I posted before I even completed the whole show. I’m going to sort out a time to go on the show with Jeremy and Ari because there is so much to say about Anjem Choudry’s Islam. I’ve always felt that it isn’t for us infidels to define Islam. Islam is defined for us by the actions of its followers. If they don’t impact us, that’s great. But where the actions of Muslims impact directly on the lives of those who do not want to follow Islam, that’s where I’m interested.

It’s not for me (or Barak Obama) to say what is or isn’t real Islam. But when someone professes his faith and clearly explains the actions he will take (if given the chance) toward people who DO NOT want to follow his faith, I think we should listen very carefully.


In a VOI Exclusive, Radical British Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary encounters VOI’s Rabbis Ari Abramowitz & Jeremy Gimpel, as Judaism and Islam clash on the air. Stoning adulterous women and capital punishment for every homosexual are only part of the Islamic vision for the world under Sharia law. Does brutal religious coercion expose Islam as an insecure religion? Are 70 virgins and hedonist pleasure all that heaven has to offer? How will the clash between Islam and the West end?

This is just the highlight version that ends when Anjem leaves:



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