Free Beacon Continues To Expose More State Department Efforts To Interfere In Israeli Elections

Kudos to Alana Goodman and the Washington Free Beacon for continuing to expose the extent to which the President of the United States is attempting to interfere in the domestic affairs of another democracy, one that is supposedly an ally.

Two weeks ago it was widely reported that the US State Department had funded OneVoice, which is working with the V15 group in their anti-Netanyahu campaign. Last week the Free Beacon reported that the US tax-exempt group Ameinu was funding and working with the Israeli group Givat Haviva to target “Get Out The Vote” efforts, including driving people to the polls, specifically in demographics that typically vote for liberal parties, and that former Obama campaign operatives are involved.

Yesterday, the same paper reported that members of Givat Haviva met with US embassy officials, including the deputy mission chief, the CIA station chief, and the cultural attaché at the embassy in Tel Aviv, on January 29 of this year. Moreover,

The State Department helped the nonprofit group Givat Haviva secure last-minute visas for a delegation of Arab-Israeli mayors, which is in the United States this week meeting with civic leaders and attending discussions on voter outreach and community organizing. The delegation arrived on Feb. 4 and is in Washington, D.C., through Wednesday.

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I said previously that the notion that such widespread efforts are being undertaken without President Obama’s knowledge and blessing is just not plausible. It is now clear that the US State Department, appallingly, is directly involved with Givat Haviva, giving its members preferential treatment to obtain visas to come to the US so that they may better learn their trade.

What is most surreal about this whole episode is the way that the same mainstream press that has been going on endlessly, histrionically, about a manufactured story about a perceived breach of protocol is pretty much ignoring Obama’s interference in another country’s democratic process. The scene is beginning to look like “Wag The Dog, The Sequel,” with the press attempting to keep the public’s focus on an invented issue, while ignoring a true government abuse of power.



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