Lethal Journalism Making Excuses For Murderers

Two years ago Arab terrorists threw rocks at a car causing it to crash. A little baby sustained permanent brain damage and yesterday that baby died in hospital from pneumonia. She had never full recovered from the injuries sustained from the rock attack on her. Varda has written the most beautiful piece about her.

Back in August of 2013 Jodi Rudoren of the New York Times wrote a long feature piece about the rock throwing youths of a particular Arab village. Her piece started with one of the rock throwing terrorists saying this was his “hobby”. I was livid and took her to task for this. It wound up with Electronic Intifada and others saying I’d called for the killing of Arab children.

When you write sympathetic sob stories about poor little rock throwing Arab kids who are just fighting for their West Bank villages, you’re an accessory to the murder they commit.

Because of this “hobby” as Jodi Rudoren described it in the New York Times, another Jewish baby is dead. But she probably had it coming, right, because of where her parents lived.

I have more sympathy for the evil people who throw the rocks than for those ones who sip lattes among us and give them the cover to keep doing it.

Just to save you clicking, here’s what I wrote back in 2013:

In the New York Times, of course, Jodi Rudoren has another one of her now trademark gushing pieces on a “heroic” symbol of the “noble Palestinian resistance”. The poor little 17 year old stone thrower.

Rocks in Hand a Boy Fights for his West Bank Village

“Children have hobbies, and my hobby is throwing stones,” Muhammad explained weeks before his most recent arrest. “A day with a confrontation is better than a free day.”

You know what? I am pissed off that he’s being arrested by soldiers in the middle of the night for the umpteenth time. Because he should have been shot and killed already.

This kind of writing, humanising these damn savages with their rock throwing as if it’s some kind of noble endeavour, sickens me. The only reason they do this with rocks is they know we’d shoot them if they had guns.

Their intent is the same: wound or kill civilians. We should crush them and kill them and break their spirit with overwhelming force.

We stand accused of occupation anyway!

If you’re on Facebookperhaps tell Jodi what you think of her public relations work  giving these murdering children a sympathetic portrayal.

Update: Arthur pointed out the following to me on Facebook about the original Jodi Rudoren piece in the NYT:

Some things to note about the article you are referencing. She does not mention Asher or Yonatan Palmer by name. Also, even though Adelle Biton had been attacked some three months prior to the publication of this article, she was not important enough to mention. The only victim Rude-oren bothers to refer to is Palmer, who had been killed years earlier, as if there had been no victims since that time, and without his name, as if he was an urban myth.

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