Misleading Headline Of The Day


Yesterday, Mirabelle posted about how Israel added Mohammed Abu Khdeir, the palestinian teenager from East Jerusalem kidnapped and murdered by Jews last summer, to the Victims of Acts of Terror Memorial at Mount Herzl, as well as to the list of terror victims in the government-run website.

It turns out Mohammed’s family requested his name be removed from the memorial.

Hussein Abu Khdeir, Mohammed’s father, told Ynet that “this is a great initiative meant to honor my son, but I’m more interested with something else entirely: For the court to do justice with those who burned my son alive, and sentence them to the appropriate punishment.”

Enter The Guardian, who decided to report the story with the following headline.

guardian headline

Anyone seeing this headline would assume it was Israelis who erased his name as some sort of hate crime.

Granted, the next paragraph clarifies the reason, but I find it hard to believe this misleading headline is an accident. Especially considering the Guardian’s track record when it comes to Israel.

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