Frank Sinatra Once Appeared At “Action for Palestine” Benefit Concert


sinatra in israelBut hasn’t Aussie Dave repeatedly posted about his pro-Israel proclivities? I hear you ask.

Well, I am glad you asked.

From Tablet Mag:

In 1947, two years after filming The House I Live In, Sinatra appeared at a benefit concert for the Zionist cause at the Hollywood Bowl. The event was titled “Action for Palestine.” A crowd of 20,000 wildly applauded their idol and called for approval of the partition plan then being deliberated at the United Nations.

That’s right. Back before the establishment of the modern state of Israel, “Palestine” was associated with the Jewish inhabitants of the land. But you already knew that from previous Israellycool posts like this one.

But if there was a nation of Arabs called “Palestinians” in the land pre 1948 – as the pro palestinians claim – how could this be?

I think you all know the answer to that.

In any event, the Tablet Mag piece on Ol’ Blue Eyes sheds more light on the great one’s staunch support of Israel and the Jewish people.


Most moving for both Mr. S [Sinatra] and me and was The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial on the Hill of Memory, where all the trees had been planted in memory of the victims. This was stunning and solemn place. The external beauty of the land of milk and honey contrasted with the horrors shown within, particularly the underground Children’s Museum, where each of the more than one million tiny lights represented the life of a child that had been snuffed out. Afterward Mr. S said the visit had made him feel rotten about not fighting in World War II and that Israel was “a wonderful country worth dying for.”

Read the entire thing.

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