Mordechai Vanunu Gets Supporters To Pay Libel Damages He Incurred


Israeli traitor Mordechai Vanunu is shnorring for money.

To cover damages awarded against him for libel. And for travelling around the world.

vanunuI found That I owe 100.000 Shekels to the israel main news paper Yediot Aharonot,because I lost a Libel suit against them in 2005, and the judge awarded them 36,000 shekels,not only they are allowed to publish lies about me,(that I am sending from prison instructions to the Palestinians how to make bombs,)but also should pay them,So he contact the Lawyer of the News paper, and they agree to reduce the amount to the the verdict ,that is 40.000 shekels.

So now I have to pay this amount before any future leaving israel,any help from you are very welcome.

When donations exceed $10,000 Vanunu will use those funds for traveling around the world beginning the very day Israel allows Vanunu his RIGHT to travel to the world,to leave israel and to start new life in the free world.

He has already raised over $11,000, which means there are a lot of nincompoops out there. Although I am not sure if that is enough for him to also receive English lessons.

Meanwhile, he got married a few weeks ago and posted the video online.

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