Shirley Temper Tries Getting Herself Red-Carded


Shirley Temper, everyone’s favorite poster child for the exploitation of palestinian children by their parents and elders, was recently photographed at a protest doing what she does best: getting in the faces of IDF soldiers. All while wearing the shirt of her beloved Brazil soccer team.

The protest was the weekly Nabi Saleh one, but had a distinct soccer theme in the wake of the Palestinian Football Association’s decision to to withdraw a bid to have FIFA suspend Israel – which palestinians are extremely unhappy about because they think sports and politics should mix. But we’ve known that since at least 1972.

Besides Shirley, other children joined in on the provocation, no doubt egged on by their doting parents.

shirley temperpalestinian boy soldiersshirley temper 2

I see these photos as an own goal for the Israel haters disseminating them; they clearly show not only the exploitation of children, but also the patience and restraint of the IDF soldiers, and the lack of fear of the children, who are clearly aware of this patience and restraint.

Thanks to AnarchoZionist on Twitter for drawing my attention to the photos.

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