“Moved” Mariah Carey “Loves” “Amazing” Israel (Updated With Video)


As I was one of the first to report, Mariah Carey planned a private trip to Israel, ostensibly to visit a “spiritual leader” here with her Aussie boyfriend James Packer.

What I did not know was how soon she would be coming. In fact, if the Daily Mail is to be believed, she was already here by the time I posted about the rumored reason for the trip.

And according to Army Radio, she is very “moved” to be here. Which could also mean something else¬†given her fashion choice.

She has also¬†posted on her Facebook page, describing Israel as “amazing” and using the word “love.”

Shalom Mariah! We hope you enjoy your stay.

Update: Now with video!

Update: Maria crying by the Kotel.

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