Snapchat #TelAvivLive Channel Opens And The Crowd Goes Wild


Snapchat #TelAvivLive screens_ - 7Snapchat…. OK, where to start, Snapchat used to be a strange little app that (other) people used to send ephemeral pictures to each other. That means pictures that weren’t stored. Because it was promised the images could only be seen once and by the person you sent them to, it encouraged a certain type of image to be sent. And the kids loved it.

Snapchat grew up and now it offers ways for professional marketers to put out short clips to a wide audience. And somebody has set up a #TelAvivLive channel. If you download and run Snapchat, swipe to the left and you should be able to search. Search for Tel Aviv and you should find it.

It’s a stream of beautiful short clips showing the great life young people have in this beautiful city. I’ve put a few screenshots below (and if you’re thinking of sending nudie pics of yourself to someone else, remember there IS a way to save them even in Snapchat).

But what’s really fun is going on Twitter and seeing the HORROR with which the Jew haters and Israel haters have responded there! They’re pulling out every Pallywood image they can find to try to counter the REAL images of the amazing city that Jews built on the shores of the Mediterranean! Here’s a link to a search for #TelAvivLive.

They’re asking Snapchat support for help with an “error” in the application:

I guess some of them “just can’t handle the truth!”

Here’s a strange new use of the term “real” I was previously unaware of:

I honestly don’t quite follow the “logic” here:

Tel Aviv?

Feel free to highlight any good ones in the comments and if you see some good responses please link to them too.

Aussie Dave adds: Let’s not forget the many anti-Zionists-not-antisemites responding to it.

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