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Jewish Comedian Behind ‘The Tweet of God’ Account Cannot Hide His Contempt for Judaism...

It would see you can't teach an odd "god" new tricks

Former UNRWA Spokesperson Chris Gunness Had His Twitter Account Suspended

I am not sure for which tweets he incurred this penalty, but it speaks volumes about him as a person, and UNRWA as an institution

Twitter’s Double Standard In Action

A pro-Israel tweeter gets punished by Twitter for reporting a fact

Twitter Silences Terror Victim Kay Wilson (Updated)

Heroine, terror survivor, and occasional Israellycool contributor Kay Wilson has had her Twitter account locked

Video Showing Normal Life in Gaza Considered “Sensitive Content” by Twitter

Apparently, the truth - as filmed by actual Gazans - may offend some viewers.

Did Facebook Try to Destroy an Entire Industry?

Did Facebook, Google and Twitter act as an illegal cartel to destroy a competetive industry?

Facebook’s Ridiculous Double Standard In Plain View

But please tell me how there isn't a bias against conservative and pro-Israel accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Priceless! Richard Silverstein Gets Owned (Yet Again)

Yet another thing Silverstein will learn to regret

Twitter on Hebrew Translation Fail: It Was a Bug, Not a Feature

Earlier this week, many people noticed that the translate tweet feature for Hebrew was no longer working, meaning non-Hebrew speakers could not conveniently translate tweets from the likes of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other high profile Israelis

The New York Times Get Skewered on Twitter

Not since #AskHamas and #AskGalloway has a tweet been so....asking for it.

Twitter Rejects My Appeal, Threatens Suspension

Things are going from bad to worse for me on Twitter

My Days on Twitter May Be Numbered

This is not a threat, it is just a statement of practicality

How Terrorists Are Using Twitter to Incite Violence Against Israelis

When it comes to Hamas, Twitter has refused to act


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