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GnasherJew Suspension a Reminder of Importance of Owning Your Own Information

Twitter has suspended GnasherJew, a leading source of allegations of antisemitism against the UK Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn
Ariel Gold

Twitter Deprives Us of More (Ariel) (Comedy) Gold

The Twitter account of Israel-hating ninny Ariel Gold has joined her brain cells in suspended animation.
Angelo John Gage

Angelo John Gage’s Ominous Warning in Rant Video After Twitter Ban

White Supremacist Angelo John Gage has finally been booted from Twitter, and he has a few things to get off his chest

Twitter Restricts Account of Gaza Truth-Teller Imshin

By showing the truth, has Imshin fallen foul of the Twitter police?

Roger Waters Finds a Way to Shut his Piehole

Antisemitic rock'n'roll BDS-hole Roger Waters is unhappy at Twitter

It’s Official: Twitter is a Disgrace

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Wednesday was grilled for several hours by the Senate Commerce Committee over his platform’s policies regarding hate speech and misinformation, including Holocaust denial and genocidal posts from Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

WATCH: Twitter, Are You Kidding Me?

Today's Fireside Chat

Celebrities & Anti-Racism Campaigners Announce 48-Hour Twitter ‘Walkout’ Due to Failure to Act Against...

High profile Twitters users, including leading figures in the Jewish community, have announced a 48-hour ‘walkout’ of the social media platform beginning Monday 27 July at 9.00am

Jewish Comedian Behind ‘The Tweet of God’ Account Cannot Hide His Contempt for Judaism...

It would see you can't teach an odd "god" new tricks

Former UNRWA Spokesperson Chris Gunness Had His Twitter Account Suspended

I am not sure for which tweets he incurred this penalty, but it speaks volumes about him as a person, and UNRWA as an institution

Twitter’s Double Standard In Action

A pro-Israel tweeter gets punished by Twitter for reporting a fact

Twitter Silences Terror Victim Kay Wilson (Updated)

Heroine, terror survivor, and occasional Israellycool contributor Kay Wilson has had her Twitter account locked
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