Fail Of The Day: “Palestine’s” Henna


Al Arabiya has an article entitled From henna to honeymoon: Wedding traditions in the Middle East, which includes this section on “Palestine’s henna.”


But there is no such thing as “Palestine’s henna” (leaving aside the fact there is no “Palestine” for a second*). Henna is something practiced in India and the Arab world. In fact, Jews from Arab lands also practice this ritual.

Why Al Arabiya decided to attribute it to “Palestine” is curious.

But what turns this into a fabulous fail is the photo they use. Via TinEye reverse image search:


The source of the photo is De Nueva Photography, based in New York. Again, not “Palestine.”

But look at the filename.


Eitan is a Hebrew name!

Which makes sense. If you turn the image upside down:

henna 1

That’s a Hebrew Chai.

* to those criticizing this statement, I am speaking factually. There is no Palestine. There is a state of Israel, and some palestinian-controlled territories. 

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