Watch: Einat Wilf Explains Why She Is No Longer a Dove


Former Israeli MK Einat Wilf explains why she went from dove to hawk.

Update (Brian): She writes:

I grew up in a Labor Zionist household. I truly believed that if Israel would allow for the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, then there would be peace. In this video, I explain how my experiences in the last 15 years have made me realize that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is far deeper than I was ever led to believe.

Einat Wilf talks about the Jewish connection to the land, our indigenous status and the idea that Palestinian rejection of Jewish peoplehood, beyond just our religion is so offensive to her. And this was coming from the moderates. This was irreconcilable.

Basically she can’t find any moderate Palestinian who fully accepts a Jewish right to self determination on the grounds that this land is special to Jews: not necessarily an exclusive right but some right.

This is the article she mentions in her talk: An Israeli leftist finds glimmer of hope. We’ve written about the “glimmer”, Dajani Daoudi, in that story and how his merely accepting a Jewish right to exist he was persecuted: The High Price Of Being A Decent Palestinian and The Persecution Of Mohammed Continues.

You really need to follow the complete train of logic and the emotion it drove in her.

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