Jews Who Aren’t Really Jewish Enough For Jew Haters

I was watching the alliyah flight on livestream tonight, and if some jerk wasn’t cutting onions the entire time I would have gotten this written a whole lot quicker. Seeing the joy in the faces of the people who were going home, rekindled that desire to see my own people return to our ancestral home. It also reminded me why I take what is sometimes an unpopular stand when it comes to standing up for all indigenous peoples rights. There is no grey area, you are either an indigenous people or you are not, there is a clear guideline for it and its not really that hard to figure out.

I think that is why it annoys me that I take a lot of sh*t from supposedly educated people, I take it for my willingness to stand up for Jewish indigenous status. Its not really an argument, the evidence is overwhelmingly on my side, yet when arguing with so called academics, I have had people take Martinez Cobos checklist and change things specifically to deny jewish indigenous status.

I have had people deny my own peoples chance to ever gain self determination by stating that part of being indigenous means being a perpetual victim, because their logic asserts that jews are dominant and have achieved self determination, given that no other indigenous people has achieved that, its a simple way to deny jews indigenous status, by saying that once a group achieves self determination, its no longer indigenous?

I am sure you can guess what my response is to that but I will give you a hint it rhymes with duck and doff. I know some people are put off by my language sometimes, but I firmly believe that you do not have to be civil and nice all the time, in fact there are times when what someone needs is a good telling off. I have never shied away from this, in my culture, we esteem people for telling things like they are, we respect those who do not need to use 15 words when 3 will suffice.

We also have a tendency to be blunt and we remain unconcerned if that offends people who are used to subtle wordplay and obfuscation through grandiose verbalisation. It isn’t that we cannot tell you to fornicate elsewhere in 15 words, its that we prefer to use two.

Anyway, I find that even within the past year people are no longer arguing with me that jews are indigenous, in fact they admit that the Hebrew people have an undeniable tie to their ancestral land, supported by history, science and religion. Now at first I thought “sweet, my arguments and hard work are paying off and people are starting to get it”. But thats when they say that the people we know as Jews are not “real” Jews. You see even though the Khazar theory has been soundly debunked, somehow the Jewish people who can often trace their lineage back thousands of years, are still not jewish enough for these people.

They trace their roots to Judeah sure but that’s not enough, somehow people find it easier to deny that they are actually Jewish than to deny Jewish indigenous status. It doesn’t matter if that person is Sephardi or Ashkenazi either, apparently there is some crackpot theory for all sorts of Jews who aren’t really Jews.

I guess that’s progress, they now admit all of the things that I have maintained are impossible to argue against. They admit that Israel is the land of the Jews, that the Jews are indigenous. Now they just want to tell us that the Jewish people are not “real Jews” good luck with that, I think science is not your friend with that argument.


Ryan Bellerose

A member of the indigenous Metis people, Ryan grew up in the far north of Alberta, Canada with no power nor running water. In his free time, Ryan plays Canadian Rules Football, reads books, does advocacy work for indigenous people and does not live in an Igloo.