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Jews and Arabs: Lost in Translation

Lex illustrates the major cultural differences that are preventing a just peace in honor of "Nakba Day"

MUST READ: “The Jewish People Have Deepest Imaginable Claims To Land of Israel”

A great article that shows an understanding of the Jewish relationship to the land of Israel

WATCH: Alan Dershowitz Interview In London

Dershowitz: “The world is a much less safe place over the last 16 years”.

Why It’s So Easy To Hate Jews

Some sage advice

US Census Bureau: It’s Time For Recognition

This may seem like a small step, but it is an important one nevertheless
13 year old Halel Yaffa Ariel was stabbed to death by an Arab terrorist as she slept in her bed.

Reader Post: The Terrorism Game

Reader Sammy asks has anybody else had enough of this horrifying charade?

The Pendulum

The pendulum is swinging and the other side knows it

Why I Feel Kinship With Jews

Another must read from Ryan

WATCH: Indigenous Brian Talks To London

As you’ll hear, it’s heavily influenced by Ryan Bellerose’s indigenous Jews arguments.
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