And Did Those Feet, In Modern Times, Walk Upon Spain’s Festival Stage? #BDSFail


Hell yes. Matisyahu singing Jerusalem at this weekend’s Sunspalsh Festival. Suck it up BDS. This has to rank as the most epic #BDSFail in the long and distinguished history of #BDSFail.

Plenty of coverage in the pro-Israel world (Algemeiner, Legal Insurrection, Jewish Press, Jewlicious) about this whole debacle but what is interesting is the relative lack of coverage by such sites as the New York Times. Here are a couple of Matisyahu’s Facebook posts with the following text:

“Fan the flame in the name of Judah from the line of King David!” and

“Tonight was difficult but special. Thank you to everyone who made it possible! Every chance to make music is a blessing.”


Words not clear enough? Listen to this recording of Jerusalem. HT: Irene

And more: #BDSFail Matisyahu Rocks Rotomon, check out @Jewilious 


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