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Israeli Touchdown in Spain

Humdinger of a football game in Spain

And Did Those Feet, In Modern Times, Walk Upon Spain’s Festival Stage? #BDSFail

This might have been the most epic #BDSFail we’ve seen. #Matisyahu #Sunsplah #Rototom

Spanish Reggae Festival Admits To “Mistake”

Rototom Sunsplash organizers claim they acted under "pressure, coercion and threats" from BDS movement

Reader Post: Hey BDS – I’ve Got A Declaration Too!

Reader Justin Amler is wondering if his declarations would placate the Spanish Music Inquisition.

Matisyahu: “I Support Peace And Compassion For All People”

Jewish American reggae artist speaks out on discriminatory concert organizers

Reggae Festival Demands Loyalty Oath To Palestine From Jewish Performer

No similar requirements in favor of Sahrawi, Basque, or Catalonian independence movements

Reader Post: Open Letter To The Snake Oil Salesmen Of Outrage

To Pedro Almodovar, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and others
Palestinian gunmen

Tales Of Lethal Journalism: Spanish Steps

The inside story from a Spanish journalist just back from Gaza.

Zionist Octopus Of Anti-Semitism

Iran propaganda mouthpiece say there is no anti-Semitism on Press TV, and to illustrate the story, they use Nazi anti-Semitic canard

The Scariest Thing You Will See All Day

Do I even need to elaborate as to why?

Separated At Birth: Royal Edition

Spain's Princess Letizia and Jordan's Queen Rania


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